ROUTE 11 MAKALAPA - HALAWA - AIEA HEIGHTS     Effective 8/20/17
WEEKDAY:  Westbound to Aiea Heights WEEKDAY:  Eastbound to Honolulu
Westbound Destination Sign:  11 HALAWA AIEA HEIGHTS Eastbound Destination Sign:  11 ALAPAI ST
Alapai Beretania King Vineyard Kam Hwy Kahuapaani Aiea Hts  Kaonohi Kaonohi Aiea Hts  Kahuapaani Kam Hwy Vineyard King Alapai
Transit Ctr Punchbowl Beretania Palama Radford Mananai Moanalua Moanalua Moanalua Moanalua Mananai Radford Palama Beretania Transit Ctr
(#2288) (#45) (#440) (#739) (#3349) (#3803) (#1878) (#977) (#977) (#1928) (#2569) (#699) (#740) (#591) (#1003)
701a 703a 707a 711a 719a 727a 735a 750a 536a 552a 602a 612a 626a 630a 645a
800a 802a 806a 810a 818a 826a 834a 849a 600a 616a 626a 636a 650a 654a 709a
900a 902a 906a 910a 918a 926a 934a 949a 625a 641a 651a 701a 715a 719a 734a
1000a 1002a 1006a 1010a 1018a 1026a 1034a 1049a 655a 711a 721a 731a 740a 744a 759a
1100a 1102a 1106a 1110a 1118a 1126a 1134a 1149a 755a 811a 821a 828a 837a 841a 856a
1200p 1202p 1206p 1210p 1218p 1226p 1234p 1249p 855a 909a 919a 926a 935a 939a 954a
100p 102p 106p 110p 118p 126p 134p 149p 955a 1009a 1019a 1026a 1035a 1039a 1054a
200p 203p 210p 216p 230p 239p 249p KP 311p 1055a 1109a 1119a 1126a 1135a 1139a 1154a
230p 233p 240p 246p 300p 309p 319p 341p 1155a 1210p 1220p 1227p 1236p 1240p 1255p
305p 308p 315p 321p 333p 342p 352p KP 414p 1255p 110p 120p 127p 137p 141p 156p
335p 338p 345p 351p 403p 412p 422p 444p 155p 212p 224p 233p 245p 252p 307p
405p 408p 415p 421p 433p 442p 453p KP 515p 255p 312p 325p 335p 347p 353p 408p
435p 438p 445p 451p 503p 512p 523p 545p 355p 410p 422p 431p 441p 447p 502p
505p 508p 515p 521p 533p 542p 552p KP 614p 455p 510p 522p 531p 541p 545p 556p
605p 608p 615p 621p 632p 640p 647p KP 704p 555p 610p 621p 628p 636p 640p 650p
715p 717p 721p 725p 733p 741p 748p 803p 810p 822p 830p 836p 843p 847p 857p
930p 932p 936p 940p 948p 956p 1003p KP 1018p
Route 11 Symbols
KP - Ends at Kam Hwy/Pali Momi 3 minutes later
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule subject to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.