ROUTE 15 - MAKIKI - PACIFIC HEIGHTS     Effective 10/5/20
STATE HOLIDAY:  Eastbound - Pacific Heights to Alapai/King
Eastbound Destination Sign:  15 ALAPAI STREET
Pacific Puowaina Tantalus Alapai
Heights Hookui Makiki Hts King
(#3868) (#3826)  (#3894) (#1003)
600a 610a 614a 628a
700a 710a 714a 728a
800a 810a 814a 828a
900a 910a 914a 928a
1000a 1010a 1014a 1028a
1100a 1110a 1114a 1128a
1200p 1210p 1214p 1228p
100p 110p 114p 128p
200p 210p 214p 228p
300p 310p 314p 328p
400p 410p 414p 428p
500p 510p 514p 528p
600p 610p 614p 628p
700p 710p 714p 728p
800p 808p 811p 823p
900p 908p 911p 923p
1000p 1008p 1011p 1023p
ROUTE 15 - MAKIKI - PACIFIC HEIGHTS     Effective 10/5/20
STATE HOLIDAY:  Westbound - Pacific Heights to Alapai/King
Westbound Destination Signs:
To Pacific Heights - 15 PACIFIC HEIGHTS
To Papakolea - 15 PAPAKOLEA
Alapai Tantalus Puowaina Pacific
King Makiki Hts Hookui Heights
(#2288) (#3842) (#3851) (#3868)
530a 542a 546a 558a
630a 642a 646a 658a
730a 742a 746a 758a
830a 842a 846a 858a
930a 942a 946a 958a
1030a 1042a 1046a 1058a
1130a 1142a 1146a 1158a
1230p 1242p 1246p 1258p
130p 142p 146p 158p
230p 242p 246p 258p
330p 342p 346p 358p
430p 442p 446p 458p
530p 542p 546p 558p
630p 642p 646p 658p
730p 742p 746p 758p
830p 842p 846p 858p
930p 942p 946p 958p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.