ROUTE 23 - HAWAII KAI - SEA  LIFE PARK     Effective 8/20/17
WEEKDAY:  Eastbound to Hawaii Kai/Sea Life Park WEEKDAY:  Westbound to Kahala Mall/Waikiki
Eastbound Destination Signs: Westbound Destination Signs:  
Eastbound to Sea Life Park:  23 Hawaii Kai Sea Life Park Westbound to Ala Moana Center:  23 Waikiki Ala Moana
Eastbound to Kealahou/Mokuhano:  23 Hawaii Kai Kalama Valley Westbound to Kahala Mall:  23 Kahala Mall
Eastbound to Aina Haina:  23 Aina Haina
Eastbound to Kahala Mall:  23 Kahala Mall
Ala Moana Ctr Saratoga Kuhio Monsarrat Kilauea W. Hind Hawaii Kai Kealahou Sea Life Sea Life Kealahou Hawaii Kai W. Hind Kilauea Kapahulu Saratoga Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Kalakaua Paoakalani Kalakaua Waialae Kal Hwy Park & Ride Mokuhano Park Park Mokuhano Park & Ride Kal Hwy Waialae Kuhio Kalakaua Ala Moana Bl
(#426) (#889) (#154) (#88) (#252) (#260) (#4430) (#288) (#186) (#186) (#288) (#4430) (#208) (#218) (#19) (#876) (#428)
SD ..... ..... n 638a 642a 653a 658a        659a - E. Hind/Kal Hwy ..... 546a 553a 607a 616a 621a 630a 640a 647a
SD 640a 648a 654a 658a 709a 714a        715a - E. Hind/Kal Hwy   ..... ..... 637a 651a 700a 708a 722a 734a 756a
650a 658a 704a 708a 719a 724a 734a 748a 755a 654a 701a 715a 726a 734a 748a 800a 808a
..... ..... n 730a 734a 745a 750a        751a - E. Hind/Kal Hwy     721a 728a 742a 753a 801a 814a 825a 833a
757a 805a 811a 815a 826a 831a 841a 855a 902a 740a 747a 801a 808a 814a 827a 838a 846a
830a 838a 844a 848a 859a 904a 914a 928a 935a 832a 839a 853a 900a 906a 919a 932a 940a
902a 910a 916a 920a 931a 936a 946a 1000a 1007a 932a 939a 954a 1003a 1009a 1022a 1035a 1043a
928a 937a 946a 950a v1000a ..... ..... ..... ..... 1000a 1007a 1022a 1031a 1037a 1050a 1103a 1111a
1000a 1010a 1019a 1023a 1035a 1040a 1050a 1103a 1110a 1101a 1108a 1122a 1131a 1137a 1150a 1203p 1211p
1035a 1045a 1054a 1058a v1108a ..... ..... ..... ..... 1155a 1202p 1216p 1225p 1233p 1246p 1259p 107p
1055a 1105a 1113a 1117a 1129a 1134a 1142a 1154a 1201p ..... ..... ..... ..... 1255p 108p 121p 129p
1135a 1145a 1153a 1157a v1208p ..... ..... ..... ..... 105p 112p 126p 135p 143p 156p 209p 217p
1151a 1201p 1210p 1214p 1227p 1232p 1242p 1254p 101p 210p 217p 232p 242p 252p 305p 318p 326p
1240p 1250p 1259p 103p v113p ..... ..... ..... ..... 312p 319p 334p 344p 354p 407p 420p 428p
..... ..... ..... ..... (Wed School) 148p 158p 213p 220p 353p 400p 415p 425p 435p 448p 501p 509p
125p 135p 144p 148p 201p 207p 219p 235p 242p 425p 431p 446p 456p 506p 519p 532p 540p
..... ..... ..... ..... (MUTF School) 220p 232p q 248p ..... 507p 513p 528p 538p 548p 601p 614p 622p
..... ..... ..... ..... (MUTF School) 225p  237p 253p 300p 547p 553p 608p 618p 628p 639p 652p 700p
207p 218p 227p 232p 246p 252p 303p 319p 326p 625p 631p 644p 652p 658p 709p 722p 730p
258p 308p 316p 320p 334p 339p 349p 405p 412p 640p 646p 659p 707p 713p 724p 736p 744p
335p 345p 353p 357p 410p 415p 424p 439p 446p 730p 736p 748p 755p 801p 811p 822p 830p
400p 410p 418p 421p 434p 439p 448p 503p 510p
435p 445p 453p 456p 509p 516p 526p 541p 548p
525p 535p 543p 546p 559p 606p 616p 631p 638p
559p 609p 617p 620p 633p 640p 650p 705p 712p
705p 713p 720p 723p 732p 737p 746p 801p .....
Routes 23 Symbols
n - Starts at Kuhio/Lewers 5 minutes earlier
v - Times arriving at Hunakai/Waialae
q - Ends at Kalanianaole Hwy/Kealahou 2 minutes later
Wed School - Wednesday, school days only
MUTF School - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday school days only
SD - Monday-Friday school days only
NOTE:  P.M. school trips subject to change based on school dismissal times
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Bold indicates PM service.
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.