ROUTE 23 - ALA MOANA - SEA  LIFE PARK     Effective 9/15/21
SATURDAY:  Eastbound to Hawaii Kai/Sea Life Park SATURDAY:  Westbound to Waikiki/Ala Moana Center
Eastbound Destination Signs: Westbound Destination Signs:  
Eastbound to Sea Life Park:  23 HAWAII KAI - SEA LIFE PARK Westbound to Ala Moana Center:  23 ALA MOANA CENTER VIA HAWAII KAI
Eastbound to Kealahou/Mokuhano:  23 KALAMA VALLEY
Ala Moana Ctr Kuhio Kuhio Monsarrat Kilauea W. Hind Hawaii Kai Kealahou Sea Life Sea Life Kealahou Hawaii Kai W. Hind Kilauea Kapahulu Saratoga Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Lewers Paoakalani Kalakaua Waialae Kal Hwy Park & Ride Mokuhano Park Park Mokuhano Park & Ride Kal Hwy Waialae Kuhio Kalakaua Ala Moana Bl
(#426) (#150) (#154) (#88) (#252) (#260) (#4430) (#288) (#186) (#186) (#1183) (#4430) (#208) (#218) (#19) (#876) (#428)
705a 721a 728a 731a 744a 750a 758a 811a 818a 550a 558a 612a 620a 626a 639a 650a 703a
810a 826a 833a 836a 851a 857a 905a 918a 925a 655a 703a 717a 725a 731a 744a 755a 808a
909a 925a 932a 935a 950a 956a 1004a 1018a 1025a 758a 806a 820a 828a 834a 850a 901a 917a
1009a 1025a 1032a 1035a 1050a 1056a 1104a 1118a 1125a 827a 835a 849a 857a 904a 920a 933a 949a
1112a 1128a 1134a 1137a 1149a 1155a 1203p 1218p 1225p 930a 938a 952a 1000a 1007a 1023a 1036a 1052a
1211p 1227p 1233p 1236p 1248p 1254p 103p 118p 125p 1032a 1040a 1054a 1102a 1109a 1125a 1138a 1154a
111p 127p 133p 136p 148p 154p 203p 218p 225p 1135a 1143a 1157a 1204p 1211p 1226p 1239p 1255p
211p 227p 233p 236p 248p 254p 303p 318p 325p 1236p 1244p 1258p 105p 112p 127p 140p 156p
311p 327p 333p 336p 348p 354p 403p 418p 425p 136p 144p 158p 205p 212p 227p 240p 256p
411p 427p 433p 436p 448p 454p 503p 518p 525p 234p 242p 256p 303p 310p 325p 340p 356p
511p 527p 533p 536p 548p 554p 603p 618p 625p 334p 342p 356p 403p 410p 425p 440p 456p
611p 627p 633p 636p 648p 654p 703p 718p 725p 431p 439p 453p 500p 507p 522p 535p 551p
717p 733p 739p 742p 754p 800p 809p 824p ..... 531p 539p 552p 559p 605p 617p 630p 645p
629p 637p 650p 657p 703p 715p 728p 743p
727p 735p 748p 755p 801p 813p 826p 841p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
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Bold indicates PM service.
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.