ROUTE 23 - ALA MOANA - SEA  LIFE PARK     Effective 12/1/19
SATURDAY:  Eastbound to Hawaii Kai/Sea Life Park WEEKDAY:  Westbound to Waikiki/Ala Moana Center
Eastbound Destination Signs: Westbound Destination Signs:  
Eastbound to Sea Life Park:  23 HAWAII KAI - SEA LIFE PARK Westbound to Ala Moana Center:  23 ALA MOANA VIA HAWAII KAI
Eastbound to Kealahou/Mokuhano:  23 KALAMA VALLEY Westbound to Kahala Mall:  23 KAHALA MALL
Eastbound to Aina Haina:  23 AINA HAINA
Eastbound to Kahala Mall:  23 KAHALA MALL
Ala Moana Ctr Kuhio Kuhio Monsarrat Kilauea W. Hind Hawaii Kai Kealahou Sea Life Sea Life Kealahou Hawaii Kai W. Hind Kilauea Kapahulu Saratoga Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Lewers Paoakalani Kalakaua Waialae Kal Hwy Park & Ride Mokuhano Park Park Mokuhano Park & Ride Kal Hwy Waialae Kuhio Kalakaua Ala Moana Bl
(#426) (#150) (#154) (#88) (#252) (#260) (#4430) (#288) (#186) (#186) (#288) (#4430) (#208) (#218) (#19) (#876) (#428)
705a 716a 726a 730a 742a 747a 756a 813a 823a 550a 558a 612a 622a 628a 638a 649a 705a
801a 813a 823a 827a 840a 845a 855a 915a 925a 655a 703a 717a 727a 733a 745a 758a 817a
857a 910a 920a 924a 939a 944a 954a 1014a 1025a 758a 808a 822a 834a 841a 856a 910a 931a
954a 1006a 1016a 1021a 1037a 1042a 1053a 1114a 1125a 827a 837a 851a 903a 910a 926a 940a 1001a
1058a 1110a 1120a 1125a 1139a 1144a 1155a 1214p 1225p 930a 939a 955a 1006a 1014a 1031a 1045a 1107a
1159a 1210p 1220p 1224p 1237p 1243p 1255p 114p 125p 1032a 1041a 1057a 1107a 1115a 1131a 1145a 1207p
100p 111p 121p 125p 138p 144p 155p 214p 225p 1135a 1143a 1159a 1209p 1216p 1230p 1244p 106p
155p 207p 217p 221p 234p 240p 251p 313p 324p 1236p 1244p 1258p 108p 115p 129p 143p 205p
259p 311p 322p 326p 337p 343p 354p 414p 425p 136p 145p 159p 209p 216p 230p 244p 307p
352p 405p 417p 421p 432p 438p 449p 512p 523p 234p 243p 258p 308p 315p 329p 343p 409p
451p 506p 519p 523p 534p 540p 552p 615p 625p 334p 343p 358p 408p 415p 430p 445p 507p
604p 615p 625p 629p 639p 645p 656p 715p 725p 431p 440p 455p 505p 512p 525p 539p 600p
717p 727p 737p 741p 751p 756p 806p 824p ..... 531p 540p 554p 604p 611p 623p 637p 656p
629p 638p 652p 702p 709p 720p 732p 750p
727p 735p 748p 758p 805p 816p 828p 846p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
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Bold indicates PM service.
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.