ROUTE 32 - KALIHI - PEARLRIDGE     Effective 3/13/22
SUNDAY:  Westbound to Pearlridge SUNDAY:  Eastbound to Kalihi Transit Center
To Pearlridge: 32 FOSTER VILLAGE - PEARLRIDGE Eastbound Destination Sign:  32 KALIHI TRANSIT CTR
Kalihi Pukoloa Salt Lake Aliamanu Salt Lake Kam Hwy Kaonohi opp Kaonohi opp Kam Hwy Salt Lake Aliamanu Salt Lake Pukoloa Kalihi
Transit Ctr Mapunapuna Ala Lilikoi Wanaka Ala Oli Salt Lake Moanalua Lp Moanalua Lp Salt Lake Ala Oli Wanaka Ala Lilikoi Mapunapuna Transit Ctr
(#4523) (#2818) (#2924) (#2930) (#2942) (#2572) (#977) (#991) (#695) (#2963) (#2972) (#2977) (#2849) (#4523)
625a 630a 642a 645a 654a 704a 709a 710a 717a 723a 738a 742a 754a 757a
800a 805a 817a 820a 829a 840a 845a 900a 907a 914a 930a 934a 946a 949a
900a 905a 917a 920a 929a 943a 948a 1000a 1007a 1014a 1030a 1034a 1047a 1050a
1000a 1006a 1018a 1021a 1030a 1044a 1050a 1100a 1108a 1114a 1130a 1134a 1147a 1150a
1100a 1106a 1118a 1121a 1130a 1142a 1148a 1200p 1208p 1215p 1231p 1235p 1248p 1251p
1200p 1206p 1218p 1221p 1230p 1242p 1248p 100p 108p 114p 130p 134p 146p 149p
100p 106p 118p 121p 130p 142p 148p 200p 208p 215p 231p 235p 247p 251p
200p 205p 217p 220p 229p 240p 246p 300p 308p 315p 330p 334p 346p 350p
300p 305p 317p 320p 329p 340p 346p 400p 408p 415p 431p 435p 448p 452p
400p 406p 418p 421p 430p 441p 447p 500p 508p 514p 529p 533p 545p 549p
500p 506p 518p 521p 530p 541p 547p 600p 608p 615p 630p 634p 646p 649p
600p 605p 617p 620p 629p 640p 646p 700p 707p 713p 728p 731p 743p 746p
700p 705p 717p 720p 729p 740p 746p 800p 806p 811p 826p 829p 841p 844p
800p 805p 817p 820p 828p 839p 844p 900p 906p 911p 923p 926p 937p 940p
900p 905p 917p 920p 928p 938p P 943p ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
Route 32 Symbols
P - Ends at Pali Momi/Kamehameha Hwy 3 minutes later
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.