ROUTE 32 - KALIHI - PEARLRIDGE Effective 12/3/17
WEEKDAY: Westbound to Pearlridge WEEKDAY: Eastbound to Kalihi Transit Center
To Pearlridge: 32 FOSTER VILLAGE PEARLRIDGE Eastbound Destination Sign: 32 KALIHI TRANSIT CENTER
Kalihi Puuloa Salt Lake Aliamanu Salt Lake Kam Hwy ARRIVE DEPART Kam Hwy Salt Lake Aliamanu Salt Lake Puuloa Kalihi
Transit Ctr Kilihau Ala Lilikoi Wanaka Ala Oli Salt Lake Pearlridge Ctr Pearlridge Ctr Salt Lake Ala Oli Wanaka Ala Lilikoi Kilihau Transit Ctr
(#4523) (#2861) (#2924) (#2930) (#2942) (#2572) (#977) (#977) (#695) (#2963) (#2972) (#2977) (#2849) (#4523)
505a 508a 523a 526a 538a 548a 552a 555a 602a 608a 621a 626a 640a 644a
535a 538a 553a 556a 608a 618a 622a 625a 632a 638a 651a 656a 710a 714a
605a 608a 623a 626a 638a 648a 652a 655a 702a 710a 724a 729a 743a 747a
630a 633a 649a 652a 705a 715a 719a 730a 738a 746a 800a 804a 817a 821a
700a 703a 721a 724a 737a 747a 751a 800a 808a 814a 829a 833a 846a 850a
730a 733a 751a 754a 806a 816a ■ 822a .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
800a 804a 820a 823a 835a 845a 851a 900a 910a 916a 931a 935a 948a 952a
900a 904a 920a 923a 935a 945a 951a 1000a 1010a 1016a 1031a 1035a 1048a 1052a
1000a 1004a 1020a 1023a 1035a 1045a 1051a 1100a 1110a 1116a 1131a 1135a 1148a 1152a
1100a 1104a 1120a 1123a 1135a 1145a 1151a 1200p 1210p 1216p 1231p 1235p 1248p 1252p
1200p 1204p 1220p 1223p 1235p 1245p 1251p 100p 110p 116p 131p 135p 148p 152p
100p 104p 120p 123p 135p 145p 151p 200p 210p 216p 231p 235p 248p 252p
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..... u 235p 241p 256p 300p 313p 317p
200p 204p 220p 223p 237p 247p 253p 300p 310p 316p 331p 335p 348p 352p
235p 239p 255p 258p 312p 322p 328p 335p 345p 351p 406p 410p 423p 427p
300p 304p 320p 323p 335p 345p 351p 405p 415p 421p 436p 440p 453p 458p
335p 339p 355p 358p 410p 420p 427p 435p 445p 453p 509p 513p 526p 531p
405p 409p 426p 429p 441p 451p 458p 510p 520p 528p 544p 548p 600p 603p
435p 439p 456p 459p 510p 520p ■ 527p .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
510p 514p 531p 534p 545p 555p 602p 610p 617p 623p 636p 640p 652p 655p
540p 544p 601p 604p 615p 624p ■ 630p .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
610p 614p 628p 631p 642p 651p 657p 710p 717p 723p 736p 740p 752p 755p
710p 713p 726p 729p 740p 749p 754p 810p 817p 823p 836p 840p 852p 855p
810p 813p 826p 829p 840p 849p 854p 905p 912p 918p 931p 935p 947p 950p
905p 908p 921p 924p 935p 944p ■ 949p .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Route 32 Symbols
■ - Ends at Pali Momi/Kamehameha Hwy 3 minutes later
u - Board bus at bus stop on Salt Lake Blvd/Kamehameha Hwy (#2959)
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.