ROUTE 32 - KALIHI - PEARLRIDGE     Effective 10/5/20
SATURDAY:  Westbound to Pearlridge SATURDAY:  Eastbound to Kalihi Transit Center
To Pearlridge: 32 FOSTER VILLAGE PEARLRIDGE Eastbound Destination Sign:  32 KALIHI TRANSIT CTR
Kalihi Puuloa Salt Lake Aliamanu Salt Lake Kam Hwy Kaonohi opp Kaonohi opp Kam Hwy Salt Lake Aliamanu Salt Lake Puuloa Kalihi
Transit Ctr Kilihau Ala Lilikoi Wanaka Ala Oli Salt Lake Moanalua Lp Moanalua Lp Salt Lake Ala Oli Wanaka Ala Lilikoi Kilihau Transit Ctr
(#4523) (#2861) (#2924) (#2930) (#2942) (#2572) (#977) (#991) (#695) (#2963) (#2972) (#2977) (#2849) (#4523)
..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....  620a 627a 643a 647a 658a 701a
615a 617a 630a 633a 642a 653a 700a 705a 712a 718a 733a 737a 749a 752a
705a 708a 722a 725a 733a 744a 754a 800a 807a 813a 829a 833a 845a 849a
800a 802a 816a 819a 828a 840a 856a 900a 908a 914a 930a 934a 947a 950a
855a 857a 911a 914a 923a 936a 952a 1000a 1008a 1016a 1032a 1036a 1049a 1053a
1000a 1002a 1016a 1019a 1028a 1041a 1057a 1100a 1109a 1116a 1132a 1136a 1149a 1152a
1100a 1102a 1116a 1119a 1129a 1141a 1155a 1200p 1209p 1215p 1230p 1234p 1246p 1249p
1200p 1202p 1216p 1219p 1228p 1240p 1254p 100p 108p 115p 131p 135p 148p 152p
100p 103p 117p 120p 130p 141p 154p 200p 208p 215p 230p 234p 247p 251p
200p 203p 218p 221p 231p 243p 259p 305p 313p 320p 336p 340p 353p 357p
300p 303p 316p 319p 329p 339p 352p 400p 407p 414p 430p 434p 446p 450p
400p 403p 418p 422p 432p 443p 500p 505p 512p 519p 535p 539p 551p 555p
500p 502p 515p 518p 527p 538p 555p 600p 607p 613p 628p 632p 643p 646p
600p 603p 617p 620p 630p 641p 659p 705p 712p 719p 735p 739p 751p 754p
700p 702p 714p 718p 728p 738p 752p 800p 807p 812p 826p 830p 841p 844p
800p 803p 816p 819p 828p 838p 852p 900p 907p 912p 926p 930p 941p 944p
900p 903p 915p 918p 926p 935p X PM 941p A 945p A 952p A 956p A 1008p A 1011p Al 1023p A 1026p
Route 32 Symbols
PM - Ends at Pali Momi/Kamehameha Hwy 3 minutes later
X - Ends at Kaonohi/Kamehameha Hwy only when University of Hawaii football games are being played at Aloha Stadium
A - Runs only when University of Hawaii football games are being played at Aloha Stadium
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.