ROUTE 402 - LUALUALEI HOMESTEAD     Effective 12/2/12
WEEKDAY:  Eastbound - Waianae Transit Center to Lualualei to Waianae Transit Center
Eastbound Destination Sign:  402 LUALUALEI HOMESTEAD
Westbound Destination Sign:  402 WAIANAE TRANSIT CENTER
Waianae  Kuwale Waianae
Transit Ctr Puuhulu Transit Ctr
(#4406) (#2721) (#4406)
407a 416a 426a
500a 509a 519a
600a 609a 619a
703a 712a 723a
815a 824a 835a
915a 925a 936a
1019a 1029a 1040a
1117a 1127a 1138a
1222p 1232p 1243p
143p 153p 204p
242p 252p 303p
345p 355p 406p
445p 454p 505p
549p 558p 608p
648p 657p 707p
747p 755p 805p
902p 910p 920p
948p 956p 1006p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.