ROUTE 403 - NANAKULI/MAILI/WAIANAE     Effective 6/4/17
WEEKDAY:  Eastbound - To Nanakuli WEEKDAY:  Westbound - To Waianae
Eastbound Destination Sign:  403 LUALUALEI HOMESTEAD Westbound Destination Sign:  403 WAIANAE TRANSIT CENTER
Waianae  Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Waianae 
Transit Ctr Mailiili Princess Kahanu Nanakuli Nanakuli Nanaikeola Princess Kahanu Mailiili Transit Ctr
(#4406)   (#4302) (#710) (#710) (#511) (#4295)   (#4406)
438a 443a 453a 458a 400a 410a 412a 423a 425a
524a 528a 538a 544a 500a 510a 512a 523a 525a
637a 642a 653a 658a 546a 556a 558a 610a 612a
742a 747a 758a 803a 715a 726a 728a 739a 741a
845a 850a 901a 906a 812a 823a 825a 836a 838a
945a 950a 1001a 1006a 910a 922a 924a 935a 937a
1050a 1055a 1106a 1111a 1010a 1022a 1024a 1035a 1037a
1150a 1155a 1206p 1211p 1112a 1124a 1126a 1137a 1139a
101p 106p 117p 122p 1225p 1243p 1245p 1256p 1258p
207p 212p 223p 228p 125p 140p 142p 153p 155p
310p 315p 326p 331p 232p 246p 248p 259p 301p
412p 417p 429p 434p 337p 351p 353p 404p 406p
510p 515p 527p 531p 445p 505p 510p 525p 529p
612p 617p 629p 633p 535p 553p 558p 613p 617p
715p 719p 729p 733p 635p 646p 648p 659p 701p
810p 814p 824p 828p 745p 755p 757p 808p 810p
925p 929p 939p 943p 832p 841p 843p 854p 856p
1007p 1011p 1021p 1025p 945p 954p 956p 1007p 1009p
- Arrives at Nanakuli Ave/Mano Ave 
at 1minute later and terminates at
Haleakala Ave/Farrington Hwy 3 minutes later thereafter.
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.