ROUTE 403 - NANAKULI/MAILI/WAIANAE     Effective 10/5/20
WEEKDAY:  Eastbound - To Nanakuli WEEKDAY:  Westbound - To Waianae
Eastbound Destination Sign:  403 LUALUALEI HOMESTEAD Westbound Destination Sign:  403 WAIANAE TRANSIT CENTER
Waianae  Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Waianae 
Transit Ctr Mailiili Princess Kahanu Nanakuli Nanakuli Nanaikeola Princess Kahanu Mailiili Transit Ctr
(#4406)   (#4302) (#710) (#710) (#511) (#4295)   (#4406)
446a 449a 459a 505a 415a 426a 428a 439a 440a
546a 549a 559a 605a 507a 518a 520a 531a 532a
642a 645a 657a 703a 609a 620a 622a 633a 634a
746a 749a 801a 807a 706a 719a 721a 732a 733a
846a 849a 900a 906a 810a 823a 825a 836a 837a
946a 949a 1000a 1006a 910a 923a 925a 936a 937a
1046a 1049a 1100a 1106a 1010a 1023a 1025a 1036a 1037a
1146a 1149a 1200p 1206p 1110a 1123a 1125a 1137a 1138a
105p 108p 119p 125p 1225p 1238p 1240p 1252p 1253p
205p 208p 219p 225p 125p 138p 140p 152p 153p
305p 308p 319p 325p 225p 238p 240p 252p 253p
405p 408p 419p 424p 325p 339p 341p 354p 356p
505p 508p 519p 524p 425p 439p 441p 454p 456p
605p 608p 619p 624p 525p 539p 541p 554p 556p
705p 708p 717p 722p 625p 637p 639p 652p 654p
805p 808p 817p 822p 730p 741p 743p 754p 756p
905p 908p 917p 921p 825p 835p 837p 848p 850p
1000p 1003p 1012p 1016p 935p 945p 947p 958p 1000p
- Arrives at Nanakuli Ave/Mano Ave 
at 1minute later and terminates at
Haleakala Ave/Farrington Hwy 3 minutes later thereafter.
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.