ROUTE 41 KAPOLEI/ EWA BEACH     Effective 12/3/17
Destination Signs:  To Ewa Beach - 41 EWA BEACH TRANSIT CENTER Destination Signs:  To Kapolei - 41 KAPOLEI  TRANSIT CENTER
  G L K J I N O Q P   O N I J K L G
  Kapolei  Kinoiki Kamaaha Kapolei Parkway Ft Barrette Geiger Ft Weaver Ft Weaver Ewa   Ft Weaver Geiger Ft Barrette Kapolei Parkway Kamaaha Kinoiki Kapolei
  Transit Ctr Kamokuiki Kapolei Parkway Fort Barrette Roosevelt Launahele Papipi Kilaha Transit Ctr   Papipi Launahele Roosevelt Ft Barrette Kapolei Parkway Kamokuiki Transit Ctr 
  (#4417) (#4569) (#1794)   (#1796) (#1803) (#1805) (#1807) (#4202)   (#1091) (#1772) (#1779) (#1780) (#1781) (#4569) (#4417)
  500a 511a 514a 516a 518a 525a 533a 536a 541a   ..... ..... ..... 441a 447a 450a 504a
  530a 542a 547a 549a 551a 558a 606a 610a 615a   456a 503a 510a 512a 514a 517a 531a
  615a 629a 634a 637a 640a 648a 658a 702a 708a   552a 559a 606a 608a 610a 613a 627a
MUWTF SD 630a 638a 640a 649a ..... ..... ..... ..... .....   626a 634a 641a 644a 646a 651a 707a
  700a 715a 720a 723a 726a 734a 744a 748a 755a   715a 723a 731a 734a 736a 741a 757a
MUWTF SD 700a 708a 710a 719a ..... ..... ..... ..... .....   804a 811a 819a 822a 824a 828a 843a
  730a 745a 750a 753a 756a 803a 812a 816a 822a   831a 838a 846a 849a 851a 855a 910a
MUWTF SD 730a 738a 740a 749a ..... ..... ..... ..... .....   915a 921a 929a 931a 933a 937a 952a
  815a 829a 833a 836a 838a 845a 854a 857a 902a   1000a 1006a 1014a 1016a 1018a 1022a 1037a
  900a 914a 918a 921a 923a 930a 939a 942a 947a   1029a 1035a 1043a 1045a 1047a 1051a 1106a
  930a 944a 948a 951a 953a 1000a 1008a 1011a 1016a   1114a 1120a 1128a 1130a 1132a 1136a 1151a
  1015a 1029a 1033a 1036a 1038a 1045a 1053a 1056a 1101a   1159a 1205p 1213p 1215p 1217p 1221p 1237p
  1100a 1114a 1118a 1121a 1123a 1130a 1138a 1141a 1146a   1229p 1235p 1243p 1245p 1247p 1251p 107p
  1130a 1144a 1148a 1151a 1153a 1200p 1208p 1211p 1216p   114p 120p 128p 130p 132p 137p 153p
  1215p 1229p 1233p 1236p 1238p 1245p 1253p 1256p 101p MUTF SD ..... ..... ..... 155p 201p 205p 220p
  100p 114p 118p 121p 123p 130p 138p 142p 148p W SD ..... ..... ..... 200p 206p 210p 225p
  130p 144p 149p 152p 155p 202p 212p 216p 222p   200p 208p 216p 219p 221p 226p 242p
  215p 231p 236p 239p 242p 250p 300p 304p 310p MUTF SD ..... ..... ..... 239p 245p 249p 304p
  300p 316p 321p 324p 327p 336p 346p 350p 355p   230p 238p 246p 249p 251p 256p 312p
  330p 346p 351p 354p 357p 406p 416p 420p 425p W SD ..... ..... ..... 300p 306p 310p 325p
  415p 431p 435p 438p 441p 450p 500p 504p 509p   319p 327p 335p 338p 340p 345p 401p
  500p 515p 519p 522p 524p 533p 543p 547p 552p   404p 412p 420p 423p 425p 429p 445p
  530p 545p 549p 552p 554p 601p 611p 614p 619p   433p 440p 447p 450p 452p 456p 512p
  615p 629p 633p 636p 638p 645p 655p 658p 703p   518p 525p 532p 534p 536p 540p 556p
  700p 714p 718p 721p 723p 730p 740p 743p 748p   601p 608p 615p 617p 619p 623p 639p
  730p 744p 748p 750p 752p 759p 809p 812p 817p   631p 638p 645p 647p 649p 653p 709p
  815p 829p 833p 835p 837p 844p 851p 854p 859p   716p 723p 730p 732p 734p 738p 754p
  900p 914p 918p 920p 922p 929p 936p 939p 944p   801p 807p 814p 816p 818p 822p 837p
  926p 940p 944p 946p 948p 955p 1002p 1005p 1010p   831p 837p 844p 846p 848p 852p 907p
  905p 911p 917p 919p 921p 925p 939p
  950p 956p 1002p 1004p 1006p 1010p 1024p
  1016p 1022p 1028p 1030p 1032p 1036p 1050p
W SD School Day Operation on Wednesday
MUTF SD School Day Operation on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
MUWTF SD School Day Operation on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.