ROUTE 434 WAIPAHU - VILLAGE PARK      Effective 10/5/20
SATURDAY: To Village Park/Waipahu
Destination Signs:  To Village Park: 434 VILLAGE PARK     To Waipahu Transit Center:  434 WAIPAHU TRANSIT CENTER
Waipahu Farrington Leoku Kupuna Kupuna Paiwa Waipahu
Transit Ctr Leoku Leolua Kupuohi (makai) Kupuohi (Park & Ride) Hiapo Transit Ctr
(#4420) (#464) (#1384) (#1105) (#1110) (#1327) (#4420)
..... ..... ..... 441a 445a 451a 453a
530a 535a 535a 538a 542a 548a 550a
630a 635a 635a 638a 642a 648a 650a
730a 737a 737a 741a 747a 753a 755a Route 434 Symbols
830a 837a 837a 841a 847a 853a 855a L- Time ending Leoku/Leoole
915a 925a 925a 929a 936a 946a 949a X- Operates on school days only
1000a 1010a 1010a 1014a 1021a 1031a 1034a F - Starts at Farrington Hwy and
1045a 1055a 1055a 1059a 1106a 1116a 1119a Kahualii Street 4 minutes earlier
1130a 1140a 1140a 1144a 1151a 1201p 1204p
1215p 1225p 1225p 1229p 1236p 1246p 1249p NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
100p 110p 110p 114p 121p 131p 134p (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
145p 155p 155p 159p 206p 216p 219p Go to the HEA website at
230p 240p 240p 244p 251p 301p 304p
315p 325p 325p 329p 336p 346p 349p Schedule to change without 
400p 407p 407p 411p 417p 423p 425p notice.  All buses are lift and 
430p 437p 437p 441p 447p 453p 455p bicycle rack equipped.
500p 507p 507p 511p 517p 523p 525p
530p 537p 537p 541p 547p 553p 555p
600p 605p 605p 608p 612p 618p 620p
630p 635p 635p 638p 642p 648p 650p
730p 735p 735p 738p 742p 748p 750p
830p 835p 835p 838p 842p 848p 850p
930p 935p 935p 938p 942p 948p 950p
1030p 1035p 1035p 1038p 1042p 1048p 1050p
1130p 1135p 1135p 1138p 1142p ..... .....
..... Leoku/Farr 1239a 1239a 1244a 1247a L 1252a .....