ROUTE 43 - WAIPAHU STREET - HONOLULU - ALAPAI       Effective 5/29/22
WEEKDAY:  To Waipahu Street
Destination Sign to Waipahu Street:  43 WAIPAHU VIA H-1 FREEWAY
Alapai Beretania King Kalihi Kalihi Farr Hwy Waipahu Leolua/Leoku
Transit Ctr Punchbowl Beretania Transit Ctr Bus Facility Kahualii Transit Ctr Mauka
(#2288) (#45) (#440) (#4523) (#163) (#454) (#4420) (#1345)
710a 712a 717a 730a 731a 748a 800a 809a
740a 742a 748a 801a 802a 819a 831a 840a
810a 812a 818a 831a 832a 848a 902a 911a
840a 842a 847a 900a 901a 916a 929a 939a
910a 912a 917a 930a 931a 946a 958a 1007a
940a 942a 947a 1000a 1001a 1016a 1029a 1038a
1010a 1012a 1017a 1032a 1033a 1048a 1101a 1110a
1040a 1042a 1048a 1103a 1104a 1120a 1133a 1143a
1110a 1112a 1117a 1133a 1134a 1149a 1202p 1211p
1140a 1142a 1147a 1203p 1204p 1219p 1233p 1242p
1210p 1212p 1217p 1233p 1234p 1248p 102p 112p
1240p 1242p 1248p 103p 104p 119p 133p 143p
110p 112p 117p 132p 133p 148p 202p 212p
140p 142p 147p 202p 203p 219p 234p 246p
210p 212p 218p 234p 235p 252p 306p 316p
235p 237p 242p 258p 259p 320p 334p 343p
310p 312p 318p 334p 335p 401p 415p 424p
335p 337p 343p 359p 400p 426p 440p 449p
410p 412p 418p 433p 434p 500p 514p 523p
440p 442p 447p 501p 502p 526p 539p 548p
505p 507p 513p 527p 528p 551p 604p 613p
ROUTE 43 - WAIPAHU STREET - HONOLULU - ALAPAI       Effective 5/29/22
WEEKDAY:  To Honolulu
Destination Sign to Alapai Transit Center:  43 ALAPAI TRANSIT CENTER
Leolua/Leoku Waipahu Farr Hwy Kalihi King Alapai
Mauka Transit Ctr Kahualii Transit Ctr Beretania Transit Ctr
(#1345) (#4421) (#678) (#4523) (#591) (#1003)
715a 728a 747a 805a 817a 825a
745a 758a 817a 835a 847a 856a
815a 828a 843a 901a 914a 923a
845a 858a 913a 931a 944a 953a
915a 928a 943a 1001a 1014a 1023a
945a 958a 1013a 1031a 1044a 1053a
1015a 1028a 1043a 1100a 1113a 1121a
1050a 1103a 1119a 1136a 1151a 1200p
1120a 1132a 1147a 1204p 1219p 1228p
1150a 1202p 1216p 1234p 1248p 1256p
1220p 1232p 1246p 104p 118p 126p
1250p 102p 117p 134p 148p 156p
120p 132p 147p 204p 218p 225p
150p 202p 218p 236p 249p 257p
220p 232p 246p 304p 317p 324p
250p 302p 318p 336p 350p 359p
320p 332p 346p 404p 417p 425p
350p 403p 416p 434p 447p 455p
430p 442p 455p 513p 525p 534p
500p 512p 527p 544p 555p 603p
530p 542p 557p 614p 625p 632p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.