ROUTE 43 - WAIPAHU STREET - HONOLULU - ALAPAI       Effective 5/29/22
STATE HOLIDAY:  To Waipahu Street
Destination Sign to Waipahu Street:  43 WAIPAHU VIA H-1 FREEWAY
Alapai Beretania King Kalihi Kalihi Farr Hwy Waipahu Leolua/Leoku
Transit Ctr Punchbowl Beretania Transit Ctr Bus Facility Kahualii Transit Ctr Mauka
(#2288) (#45) (#440) (#4523) (#163) (#454) (#4420) (#1345)
710a 712a 716a 728a 731a 748a 800a 808a
737a 739a 745a 758a 801a 818a 830a 838a
806a 808a 814a 827a 830a 846a 900a 909a
842a 844a 848a 859a 902a 917a 930a 938a
913a 915a 919a 930a 933a 948a 1000a 1009a
941a 943a 947a 958a 1001a 1017a 1030a 1038a
1008a 1010a 1015a 1029a 1032a 1047a 1100a 1109a
1038a 1040a 1046a 1059a 1102a 1118a 1130a 1140a
1108a 1110a 1115a 1129a 1132a 1147a 1200p 1208p
1139a 1141a 1146a 1158a 1201p 1216p 1230p 1238p
1209p 1211p 1215p 1229p 1232p 1246p 100p 111p
1236p 1238p 1242p 1256p 1259p 114p 130p 141p
113p 115p 119p 131p 134p 149p 200p 210p
135p 137p 142p 156p 159p 215p 230p 243p
213p 215p 220p 232p 235p 249p 300p 310p
233p 235p 240p 254p 257p 314p 330p 338p
300p 302p 308p 323p 326p 344p 400p 411p
327p 329p 335p 349p 352p 415p 430p 438p
357p 359p 406p 418p 421p 445p 500p 508p
437p 439p 443p 457p 500p 514p 530p 538p
505p 507p 515p 527p 530p 544p 600p 608p
ROUTE 43 - WAIPAHU STREET - HONOLULU - ALAPAI       Effective 5/29/22
Destination Sign to Alapai Transit Center:  43 ALAPAI TRANSIT CENTER
Leolua/Leoku Waipahu Farr Hwy Kalihi King Alapai
Mauka Transit Ctr Kahualii Transit Ctr Beretania Transit Ctr
(#1345) (#4421) (#678) (#4523) (#591) (#1003)
718a 730a 748a 805a 817a 825a
748a 800a 816a 832a 844a 852a
818a 830a 845a 901a 914a 922a
848a 900a 916a 932a 945a 953a
918a 930a 946a 1002a 1016a 1024a
949a 1000a 1014a 1030a 1043a 1053a
1019a 1030a 1043a 1057a 1110a 1118a
1049a 1100a 1116a 1131a 1147a 1158a
1119a 1130a 1145a 1201p 1216p 1227p
1149a 1200p 1214p 1230p 1243p 1251p
1219p 1230p 1244p 100p 113p 121p
1249p 100p 115p 131p 143p 151p
119p 130p 145p 201p 215p 222p
149p 200p 217p 233p 246p 254p
218p 230p 244p 300p 312p 319p
249p 300p 316p 332p 348p 357p
320p 330p 344p 359p 413p 421p
350p 400p 413p 428p 445p 455p
417p 430p 444p 459p 515p 526p
448p 500p 513p 528p 539p 547p
519p 530p 545p 600p 609p 616p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.