Route 43 - WAIPAHU STREET - HONOLULU - ALAPAI       Effective 12/5/16
WEEKDAY:  To Waipahu Street
Destination Sign to Waipahu Street:  43 WAIPAHU VIA H-1 FREEWAY
Alapai Beretania King Kalihi Kalihi Farr Hwy Waipahu Leolua/Leoku
Transit Ctr Punchbowl Beretania Transit Ctr Bus Facility Kahualii Transit Ctr Mauka
(#2288) (#45) (#440) (#4523) (#163) (#454) (#4420) (#1345)
701a 704a 708a 721a 724a 747a 800a 811a
729a 732a 737a 749a 752a 817a 830a 841a
757a 800a 805a 818a 821a 846a 900a 912a
852a 855a 900a 911a 914a 932a 945a 958a
920a 923a 928a 942a 945a 1001a 1015a 1027a
952a 955a 1000a 1011a 1014a 1032a 1045a 1057a
1020a 1023a 1029a 1043a 1046a 1102a 1115a 1127a
1049a 1052a 1057a 1110a 1113a 1130a 1145a 1157a
1121a 1124a 1129a 1143a 1146a 1202p 1215p 1228p
1149a 1152a 1156a 1212p 1215p 1231p 1245p 1258p
1222p 1225p 1229p 1243p 1246p 101p 115p 128p
1242p 1245p 1249p 103p 106p 124p 145p 157p
106p 109p 113p 127p 130p 151p 215p .....
134p 137p 142p 155p 158p 221p 245p .....
157p 200p 206p 222p 225p 250p 314p .....
222p 225p 231p 249p 252p 323p 345p .....
249p 252p 258p 316p 319p 353p 415p .....
316p 319p 326p 344p 347p 425p 445p .....
330p 333p 340p 358p 401p 440p 500p 512p
359p 402p 409p 427p 430p 510p 530p 542p
433p 436p 443p 501p 504p 544p 600p 607p
Route 43 - WAIPAHU STREET - HONOLULU - ALAPAI       Effective 12/5/16
WEEKDAY:  To Honolulu
Destination Sign to Waipahu Street:  43 HONOLULU ALAPAI TRANSIT CENTER
Leolua/Leoku Waipahu Farr Hwy Kalihi King Alapai
Mauka Transit Ctr Kahualii Transit Ctr Beretania Transit Ctr
(#1345) (#4421) (#678) (#4523) (#591) (#1003)
709a 730a 749a 809a 825a 837a
739a 800a 819a 839a 853a 905a
815a 830a 847a 905a 923a 935a
846a 900a 918a 936a 955a 1007a
916a 930a 948a 1005a 1023a 1036a
946a 1000a 1017a 1034a 1054a 1107a
1015a 1030a 1046a 1104a 1124a 1136a
1045a 1100a 1116a 1133a 1154a 1207p
1114a 1130a 1147a 1204p 1222p 1235p
1144a 1200p 1217p 1234p 1247p 100p
1214p 1230p 1244p 101p 114p 124p
1244p 100p 117p 136p 152p 207p
114p 130p 147p 205p 223p 238p
146p 200p 220p 239p 256p 309p
..... 230p 250p 309p 327p 341p
..... 300p 320p 338p 358p 413p
..... 329p 348p 408p 428p 443p
..... 400p 418p 438p 458p 513p
..... 430p 448p 508p 528p 543p
..... 500p 517p 537p 557p 612p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.