SATURDAY: Eastbound to Kapiolani/McCully SATURDAY: Westbound to Nuuanu Cemetery
Eastbound Destination Signs: Westbound Destination Signs:
To Kapiolani/McCully:  4 MCCULLY VIA UH MANOA To Nuuanu Cemetery: 4 NUUANU - WYLLIE VIA UH MANOA
To University/Dole (Weekdays Only):  4 UNIVERSITY
F G H L b Y S S a b M J F
Nuuanu Nuuanu Nuuanu King Wilder University McCully McCully Metcalf Wilder Punchbowl Bethel Nuuanu
Cemetery Kuakini Pauahi Punchbowl Punahou Dole Kapiolani Kapiolani University Punahou Hotel Hotel Cemetery
(#340) (#385) (#392) (#131) (#407) (#414) (#362) (#362) (#298) (#304) (#323) (#331) (#340)
..... ..... ..... Alapai Transit Ctr-520a 528a 533a 542a ..... ..... ..... 510a 514a 519a
540a 547a 552a 555a 605a 610a 619a 515a 522a 525a 533a 537a 542a
610a 617a 622a 625a 635a 640a 649a 555a 602a 605a 613a 617a 622a
640a 647a 652a 655a 705a 710a 719a 630a 637a 640a 648a 652a 657a
710a 717a 722a 725a 736a 742a 753a 700a 707a 711a 721a 726a 732a
740a 748a 754a 757a 808a 814a 825a 730a 738a 742a 752a 757a 803a
810a 818a 824a 827a 839a 845a 856a 800a 808a 812a 822a 827a 833a
840a 848a 854a 858a 910a 916a 927a 835a 843a 847a 857a 902a 908a
915a 923a 929a 933a 945a 951a 1002a NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA 910a 918a 922a 932a 937a 943a
950a 958a 1004a 1008a 1020a 1026a 1037a (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers. 945a 953a 957a 1007a 1012a 1018a
1025a 1033a 1039a 1043a 1055a 1101a 1113a Go to the HEA website at 1020a 1028a 1032a 1042a 1047a 1053a
1100a 1108a 1114a 1118a 1131a 1137a 1149a 1055a 1103a 1107a 1117a 1122a 1128a
1135a 1143a 1149a 1153a 1206p 1212p 1224p Schedule to change without notice. 1130a 1138a 1142a 1152a 1157a 1203p
1210p 1218p 1224p 1228p 1241p 1247p 1259p All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped. 1205p 1213p 1217p 1227p 1232p 1238p
1245p 1253p 1259p 103p 116p 122p 134p 1240p 1248p 1252p 102p 107p 113p
120p 128p 134p 138p 151p 157p 209p 115p 123p 127p 137p 142p 148p
155p 203p 209p 213p 226p 232p 244p 150p 158p 202p 212p 217p 223p
230p 238p 244p 248p 301p 307p 319p 225p 233p 237p 247p 252p 258p
305p 313p 319p 323p 336p 342p 354p 300p 308p 312p 322p 327p 333p
340p 348p 354p 358p 411p 417p 429p 335p 343p 347p 357p 402p 408p
415p 423p 429p 433p 446p 452p 503p 410p 418p 422p 432p 437p 443p
450p 458p 504p 508p 520p 526p 537p 445p 453p 457p 507p 512p 518p
525p 533p 539p 543p 555p 601p 612p 520p 528p 532p 542p 547p 553p
610p 618p 624p 627p 638p 644p 655p 555p 603p 607p 617p 622p 628p
645p 653p 659p 702p 713p 719p 730p 630p 638p 642p 652p 657p 703p
710p 718p 724p 727p 738p 744p 754p 705p 712p 716p 725p 729p 735p
745p 753p 759p 802p 812p 817p 827p 750p 757p 801p 810p 814p 820p
825p 833p 839p 842p 852p 857p 907p 835p 842p 846p 855p 859p 905p
910p 918p 924p 927p 937p 942p 952p 915p 922p 926p 935p 939p 945p
955p 1003p 1008p 1011p 1021p 1026p 1035p 1000p 1007p 1011p 1020p 1024p 1030p
1040p 1047p 1052p 1055p 1105p 1110p 1119p 1045p 1051p 1054p 1102p 1106p 1111p
1130p 1137p 1142p 1145p 1154p 1158p 1207a 1130p 1136p 1139p 1147p 1151p 1156p
1204a 1211a 1216a 1219a 1228a 1232a 1241a 1210a 1216a 1219a 1227a 1231a 1236a
1236a 1241a-Liliha/Hanana .. .. .. .. ..