ROUTE 53 - HONOLULU - PACIFIC PALISADES     Effective 12/3/17
SUNDAY:  Weekend Shuttle To/From Pacific Palisades/Waiawa/
Westbound to Pacific Palisades:  53 PACIFIC PALISADES 
Eastbound to Farrington Hwy/Waiawa:  53 PEARL CITY
Komo Mai Waimano Home Rd Waimano  Home Rd Farrington Hwy Kam Hwy Kam Hwy Waimano  Home Rd Waimano  Home Rd Komo Mai
Aumakua Noelani Pearl City Bus Facility Waiawa Acacia Acacia Hoolaulea Noelani Aumakua
(#2063) (#2077)   (#679) (#1695) (#1695) (#2044) (#2047) (#2063)
..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 529a 540a
540a 550a 551a 555a 556a 610a 612a 616a 627a
640a 650a 651a 656a 657a 710a 712a 716a 727a
740a 750a 751a 756a 757a 810a 812a 816a 827a
840a 850a 851a 856a 857a 910a 912a 916a 927a
940a 950a 951a 956a 957a 1010a 1013a 1015a 1026a
1040a 1051a 1052a 1058a 1059a 1110a 1113a 1116a 1127a
1140a 1151a 1152a 1200p 1202p 1210p 1213p 1216p 1227p
1240p 1251p 1252p 101p 103p 110p 113p 115p 126p
140p 149p 150p 159p 201p 210p 213p 215p 226p
240p 249p 250p 258p 300p 310p 313p 315p 326p
340p 349p 350p 357p 358p 410p 413p 415p 428p
440p 449p 450p 456p 458p 510p 513p 516p 527p
540p 549p 550p 555p 556p 610p 612p 614p 625p
640p 649p 650p 655p 657p 710p 712p 714p 725p
740p 749p 750p 755p 757p 810p 812p 814p 825p
840p 849p 850p 854p 855p 910p 912p 914p 924p
940p 949p 950p 954p 955p 1022p 1024p 1026p 1036p
1036p 1045p 1046p 1050p ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.