ROUTE 56 HONOLULU - KAILUA - KANEOHE     Effective 8/20/17
WEEKDAY:  To Kailua and Kaneohe Route 56 Symbols WEEKDAY: Kaneohe/Kailua to Honolulu
Destination Sign:   ■ - Begins Kahekili/Keaahala 3 minutes earlier Destination Signs:  
To Kaneohe via Kailua - 56 KAILUA KANEOHE ▼ - Terminates at Bishop/King To Ala Moana Ctr:  56 HONOLULU ALA MOANA          To Bishop/King:  56 DOWNTOWN BISHOP ST
▲ - Begins at Alakea/King
A B C D E F G - Last bus arriving at Kawa/Mehana  G E D C H A
Ala Moana Ctr Alakea Kailua Kaneohe Bay Windward City Windward Kawa will terminate service for the evening. Kawa Windward City Kaneohe Bay Kailua Bishop Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Hotel Oneawa Mokapu Shopping Ctr Community College Mehana < - Schedule when Le Jardin Academy is in session,  Mehana Shopping Ctr Mokapu Oneawa Hotel Kona St
(#426) (#744) (#1125) (#1437) (#1476) (#1488) (#4248) arriving at Le Jardin at 3:35 p.m. (#4248) (#1505) (#1539) (#1271) (#834) (#1313)
..... ▲ 437a 459a 506a 524a 537a 543a l - Schedule when Le Jardin Academy is not in session n 447a 453a 508a 519a 542a 559a
..... ▲ 515a 537a 544a 602a 615a 621a n 522a 528a 543a 554a 617a 634a
..... ▲ 557a 621a 628a 646a 659a 705a 550a 556a 612a 623a 646a 703a
606a 619a 643a 650a 708a 721a 727a n 608a 614a 630a 641a 706a 725a
642a 655a 722a 730a 748a 801a 807a Note:  Service from Kalaheo High School to Kailua town on 625a 631a 647a 658a 730a 749a
725a 741a 809a 817a 835a 845a 851a school days varies. n 638a 644a 700a 713a 746a 804a
810a 826a 854a 902a 919a 929a 935a Visit our website at and click under 708a 717a 735a 748a 820a 834a
900a 916a 944a 952a 1009a 1019a 1025a Routes & Timetables/Route 56/Kalaheo High School Special  730a 739a 757a 808a 840a 854a
950a 1006a 1034a 1042a 1100a 1110a 1119a for the latest school special schedule. 815a 824a 840a 851a 919a 933a
1040a 1056a 1124a 1132a 1150a 1200p 1206p 905a 914a 930a 941a 1007a 1021a
1130a 1146a 1214p 1222p 1240p 1250p 1256p 955a 1004a 1020a 1031a 1057a 1111a
1220p 1238p 106p 114p 132p 142p 150p 1045a 1054a 1110a 1121a 1148a 1204p
110p 128p 158p 207p 225p 235p 243p 1135a 1144a 1200p 1211p 1239p 1255p
200p 219p 249p 258p 319p 331p 342p 1225p 1234p 1250p 101p 129p 145p
l 250p l 309p l 345p l 357p l 418p l 430p l 437p 118p 127p 143p 154p 222p 238p
< 250p < 309p < 349p < 401p < 422p < 434p < 441p 210p 219p 236p 251p 319p 338p
330p 349p 425p 435p 456p 508p 515p 300p 311p 329p 344p 412p 437p
355p 415p 451p 500p 521p 533p 539p 340p 351p 409p 424p 452p 517p
420p 440p 516p 525p 544p 556p 602p 444p 455p 513p 528p 556p 613p
450p 510p 544p 553p 612p 624p 630p 540p 551p 609p 619p 643p 658p
525p 541p 612p 621p 640p 648p 654p 640p 647p 704p 714p 738p 750p
625p 640p 708p 717p 736p 744p 749p 715p 722p 737p 747p 811p 823p
710p 725p 753p 802p 820p 828p 833p 805p 812p 826p 836p 900p 912p
805p 820p 846p 853p 910p 918p 923p 935p 942p 956p 1006p ▼ 1028p .....
925p 938p 1003p 1010p 1027p 1035p 1040p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.