ROUTE 56 HONOLULU - KAILUA - KANEOHE     Effective 8/20/17
SATURDAY:  To Kailua and Kaneohe Route 56 Symbols SATURDAY: Kaneohe/Kailua to Honolulu
Destination Sign:   ■ - Begins Kahekili/Keaahala 3 minutes earlier Destination Signs:  
To Kaneohe via Kailua - 56 KAILUA KANEOHE ▼ - Terminates at Bishop/King To Ala Moana Ctr:  56 HONOLULU ALA MOANA          To Bishop/King:  56 DOWNTOWN BISHOP ST
▲ - Begins at Alakea/King
A B C D E F G - Last bus arriving at Kawa/Mehana  G E D C H A
Ala Moana Ctr Alakea Kailua Kaneohe Bay Windward City Windward Kawa will terminate service for the evening. Kawa Windward City Kaneohe Bay Kailua Bishop Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Hotel Oneawa Mokapu Shopping Ctr Community College Mehana Mehana Shopping Ctr Mokapu Oneawa Hotel Kona St
(#426) (#744) (#1125) (#1437) (#1476) (#1488) (#4248) (#4248) (#1505) (#1539) (#1271) (#834) (#1313)
..... ▲ 457a 520a 527a 542a 549a 554a 605a 612a 626a 636a 659a 710a
..... ▲ 550a 613a 620a 635a 642a 647a 655a 702a 716a 726a 749a 800a
..... ▲ 630a 654a 701a 717a 724a 729a 740a 747a 802a 812a 836a 848a
..... ▲ 704a 728a 735a 751a 759a 805a 820a 828a 843a 853a 918a 932a
728a 740a 805a 812a 828a 836a 842a 900a 908a 923a 933a 959a 1014a
815a 827a 852a 900a 918a 926a 932a 945a 954a 1009a 1020a 1046a 1102a
900a 912a 938a 946a 1005a 1015a 1021a 1030a 1040a 1055a 1107a 1133a 1149a
945a 958a 1023a 1031a 1049a 1059a 1105a 1115a 1126a 1141a 1153a 1219p 1235p
1028a 1043a 1111a 1119a 1137a 1148a 1154a 1203p 1214p 1229p 1241p 107p 123p
1115a 1130a 1157a 1205p 1223p 1233p 1239p 1248p 1259p 114p 124p 150p 206p
1200p 1216p 1244p 1252p 109p 119p 125p 135p 146p 201p 211p 238p 254p
1245p 100p 127p 135p 152p 202p 208p 217p 228p 242p 252p 319p 335p
132p 149p 217p 225p 243p 254p 259p 312p 323p 338p 349p 415p 431p
215p 233p 301p 309p 326p 336p 341p 350p 401p 416p 427p 453p 509p
302p 318p 345p 353p 410p 420p 425p 435p 444p 459p 509p 534p 549p
345p 400p 427p 435p 452p 501p 507p 517p 526p 540p 549p 614p 629p
410p 427p 453p 501p 518p 527p 533p 600p 609p 623p 632p 657p 712p
445p 502p 527p 536p 554p 603p 608p 655p 703p 720p 730p 755p 809p
520p 536p 603p 612p 631p 640p 645p 807p 815p 830p 839p 902p 914p
600p 614p 639p 647p 705p 713p 718p 945p 953p 1007p 1016p ▼ 1038p .....
640p 653p 718p 726p 743p 751p 756p
722p 737p 802p 810p 826p 835p 840p
820p 836p 901p 909p 924p 932p 937p
925p 938p 1002p 1010p 1025p 1033p u 1038p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.