ROUTE 56 HONOLULU - KAILUA - KANEOHE     Effective 8/20/17 Route 56 Symbols
SUNDAY:  To Kailua and Kaneohe ■ - Begins Kahekili/Keaahala 3 minutes earlier SUNDAY: Kaneohe/Kailua to Honolulu
Destination Sign:  ▼ - Terminates at Bishop/King Destination Signs:  
To Kaneohe via Kailua - 56 KAILUA KANEOHE ▲ - Begins at Alakea/King To Ala Moana Ctr:  56 HONOLULU ALA MOANA          To Bishop/King:  56 DOWNTOWN BISHOP ST
- Last bus arriving at Kawa/Mehana 
A B C D E F G will terminate service for the evening. G E D C H A
Ala Moana Ctr Alakea Kailua Kaneohe Bay Windward City Windward Kawa Kawa Windward City Kaneohe Bay Kailua Bishop Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Hotel Oneawa Mokapu Shopping Ctr Community College Mehana Mehana Shopping Ctr Mokapu Oneawa Hotel Kona St
(#426) (#744) (#1125) (#1437) (#1476) (#1488) (#4248) (#4248) (#1505) (#1539) (#1271) (#834) (#1313)
..... ▲ 600a 623a 630a 645a 652a 657a 710a 718a 734a 744a 807a 819a
..... ▲ 700a 724a 731a 747a 755a 800a 815a 823a 839a 848a 911a 923a
..... ▲ 805a 829a 836a 853a 901a 906a 915a 923a 938a 947a 1012a 1026a
842a 854a 918a 925a 942a 951a 956a 1015a 1023a 1038a 1049a 1116a 1130a
942a 955a 1019a 1027a 1044a 1053a 1059a 1115a 1124a 1139a 1150a 1216p 1230p
1042a 1055a 1121a 1129a 1146a 1157a 1203p 1215p 1225p 1240p 1250p 115p 129p
1142a 1157a 1224p 1232p 1249p 1259p 104p 115p 125p 140p 150p 215p 229p
1242p 1255p 120p 127p 144p 154p 159p 215p 225p 240p 250p 315p 329p
140p 155p 221p 229p 247p 257p 303p 315p 325p 340p 350p 415p 429p
240p 255p 321p 329p 347p 357p 402p 415p 424p 439p 449p 514p 528p
340p 355p 421p 429p 447p 457p 503p 515p 523p 538p 547p 612p 626p
440p 455p 521p 528p 545p 554p 559p 615p 623p 638p 647p 710p 724p
545p 558p 622p 629p 646p 654p 659p 710p 718p 733p 741p 804p 818p
635p 650p 714p 722p 739p 747p 753p 810p 817p 832p 840p 903p 915p
735p 750p 813p 821p 837p 845p 849p 945p 951p 1004p 1011p ▼ 1033p .....
825p 838p 901p 908p 924p 932p 936p
925p 936p 959p 1006p 1022p 1030p u 1034p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.