ROUTE 651 PUOHALA - WINDWARD CITY     Effective 12/5/21
SUNDAY:  Eastbound to Windward City Shopping Center Westbound to Windward Mall
Destination Sign:  651 WINDWARD CITY SHOPPING CENTER Destination Sign:  651 WINDWARD MALL
Depart Kawa Mokulele Kamehameha Kamehameha Mokulele Arrive Kawa
Mehana Kaneohe Bay Likelike Likelike Kaneohe Bay Mehana Mauka
(#4600) (#1460) (#1475) (#1475) (#1518) (#4600)
615a 622a 630a 600a 607a 615a
650a 657a 705a 630a 637a 645a
725a 732a 740a 705a 712a 720a
800a 808a 817a 740a 748a 756a
840a 848a 857a 817a 825a 833a
920a 928a 937a 857a 905a 913a
1000a 1008a 1017a 937a 945a 954a
1040a 1049a 1058a 1017a 1025a 1034a
1120a 1129a 1138a 1058a 1106a 1115a
1200p 1209p 1218p 1138a 1146a 1155a
1240p 1249p 1258p 1218p 1226p 1235p
120p 129p 138p 1258p 106p 115p
200p 209p 218p 138p 146p 155p
240p 249p 258p 218p 226p 235p
320p 329p 338p 258p 306p 315p
400p 409p 418p 338p 346p 354p
440p 449p 458p 418p 426p 434p
520p 528p 536p 458p 505p 513p
600p 608p 615p 536p 543p 551p
640p 648p 655p 615p 622p 630p
720p 728p 735p 655p 702p 710p
800p 808p 815p 735p 742p 750p
838p 846p 853p 815p 822p 829p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.