Route 65 - HONOLULU - KANEOHE - AHUIMANU         Effective 10/5/20
SUNDAY: To Kaneohe and Kahaluu WEEKDAY: To Downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Center
Eastbound Destination Signs: Westbound Destination Signs: 
Eastbound: To Hui Iwa/Kahekili-East - 65 KANEOHE - AHUIMANU To Ala Moana Center - 65 HONOLULU - ALA MOANA CENTER
Ala Moana Ctr Alakea Kam Hwy Kam Hwy Kawa Hui Iwa Hui Iwa Kawa Kam Hwy Kam Hwy Bishop Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Hotel HPU Dorm Rd Likelike Mehana  Kahekili Kahekili Mehana Mauka Likelike Pali Golf Course Hotel Kona St
(#426) (#744) (#1563) (#1475)  (#4248) (#1598) (#1598)  (#4600) (#1765) (#1558) (#834) (#1313)
..... ..... ..... ..... 422a 446a 446a 454a 501a 506a 523a 534a
..... ..... ..... ..... 501a 525a 525a 533a 540a 545a 602a 615a
..... ..... ..... ..... 601a 625a 625a 633a 641a 646a 703a 717a
550a 605a 622a 627a 633a 657a 708a 733a 741a 746a 803a 817a
650a 705a 722a 727a 733a 755a 813a 833a 841a 846a 903a 919a
748a 803a 821a 827a 833a 903a 913a 933a 941a 946a 1003a 1021a
846a 902a 920a 926a 933a 955a 1013a 1033a 1041a 1047a 1104a 1120a
945a 1002a 1020a 1026a 1033a 1056a 1111a 1133a 1141a 1146a 1203p 1220p
1043a 1101a 1120a 1126a 1133a 1157a 1217p 1233p 1242p 1247p 104p 120p
1143a 1201p 1220p 1226p 1233p 1256p 117p 133p 141p 147p 204p 220p
1243p 101p 120p 126p 133p 155p 215p 233p 241p 246p 303p 319p
143p 201p 220p 226p 233p 259p 314p 333p 341p 346p 403p 419p
244p 302p 320p 326p 333p 359p 414p 433p 441p 446p 503p 519p
343p 402p 420p 426p 433p 457p 516p 533p 541p 546p 603p 617p
443p 502p 520p 526p 533p 557p 616p 633p 641p 646p 703p 717p
545p 602p 620p 626p 633p 700p 715p 733p 740p 745p 802p 816p
647p 704p 722p 727p 733p 757p 817p 833p 840p 845p 902p 914p
748p 804p 822p 827p 833p 854p 922p 933p 939p 944p 1002p 1014p
850p 904p 922p 927p 933p 953p
950p 1004p 1022p 1027p 1033p 1053p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA   
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule subject to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.