Route 65 - HONOLULU - KANEOHE - AHUIMANU         Effective 10/5/20
STATE HOLIDAY: To Kaneohe and Kahaluu WEEKDAY: To Downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Center
Eastbound Destination Signs: Westbound Destination Signs: 
Eastbound: To Hui Iwa/Kahekili-East - 65 KANEOHE - AHUIMANU To Ala Moana Center - 65 HONOLULU - ALA MOANA CENTER
Ala Moana Ctr Alakea Kam Hwy Kam Hwy Kawa Hui Iwa Hui Iwa Kawa Kam Hwy Kam Hwy Bishop Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Hotel HPU Dorm Rd Likelike Mehana  Kahekili Kahekili Mehana Mauka Likelike Pali Golf Course Hotel Kona St
(#426) (#744) (#1563) (#1475)  (#4248) (#1598) (#1598)  (#4600) (#1765) (#1558) (#834) (#1313)
..... ..... ..... ..... 447a 509a 509a 518a 525a 530a 547a 601a
..... ..... ..... ..... 517a 539a 539a 548a 555a 600a 620a 636a
..... ..... ..... ..... 538a 600a 607a 617a 624a 631a 651a 707a
..... ..... ..... ..... 616a 638a 638a 648a 655a 702a 728a 745a
546a 602a 622a 627a 633a 655a 707a 718a 725a 732a 758a 815a
..... ..... ..... ..... 715a 737a 737a 748a 755a 802a 822a 839a
643a 659a 719a 725a 733a 755a 837a 848a 856a 905a 924a 941a
741a 800a 819a 825a 833a 857a 936a 948a 956a 1003a 1022a 1039a
841a 900a 919a 925a 933a 957a 1036a 1048a 1057a 1103a 1121a 1140a
941a 1000a 1019a 1025a 1033a 1057a 1137a 1148a 1157a 1203p 1221p 1238p
1039a 1059a 1119a 1125a 1133a 1156a 1237p 1248p 1258p 104p 122p 139p
1139a 1159a 1219p 1225p 1233p 1256p 137p 148p 158p 204p 223p 240p
1238p 1258p 118p 124p 133p 158p 238p 248p 258p 304p 323p 343p
138p 158p 218p 224p 233p 257p 338p 348p 358p 405p 424p 444p
235p 255p 317p 324p 333p 356p 438p 448p 458p 504p 522p 544p
304p 325p 347p 354p 403p 426p 535p 548p 556p 602p 619p 636p
334p 355p 418p 425p 433p 456p 635p 648p 656p 701p 718p 740p
403p 425p 448p 455p 503p 525p 737p 748p 756p 801p 817p 836p
433p 455p 519p 525p 533p 555p 837p 848p 855p 900p 919p 937p
505p 525p 549p 555p 603p 625p 940p 948p 954p 959p 1015p 1035p
540p 600p 620p 626p 633p 655p
646p 703p 721p 726p 733p 755p
748p 804p 822p 827p 833p 854p
849p 905p 922p 927p 933p 952p
950p 1006p 1023p 1028p 1033p 1052p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule subject to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.