ROUTE 7 - KALIHI VALLEY Effective 3/5/23
WEEKDAY: Eastbound to Kalihi Uka WEEKDAY: Westbound to Kalihi Valley Homes
Eastbound Destination Signs Westbound Destination Signs:
To Kalihi Uka: 7 KALIHI UKA To Kalihi Valley Homes: 7 KAMEHAMEHA IV RD
To King/Kalihi or King/Mokauea: 7 KING ST or 7 SHUTTLE KALIHI UKA To King/Kalihi or King/Mokauea: 7 KING ST or 7 SHUTTLE KALIHI UKA
To Kalihi Bus Facility: 7 KALIHI TRANSIT CTR To Kalihi Bus Facility: 7 KALIHI TRANSIT CTR
Kalihi Valley King Mokauea Nimitz Kalihi King Kalihi Kalihi Uka Kalihi Uka Kalihi King Nimitz Mokauea King Kalih Valley
Homes/Kalena Umi King Kalihi Dillingham Kalihi Nalanieha Kalihi/Iwaho Kalihi/Iwaho Nalanieha Kalihi Kalihi King Umi Homes/Kalena
(#4152) (#1025) (#3536) (#3542) (#3544) (#3546) (#3557) (#3567) (#3567) (#3574) (#3583) (#908) (#3591) (#1020) (#4152)
..... ..... ..... ..... 439a 442a 448a 454a 454a 458a 506a 510a 513a 515a 523a
..... ..... ..... ..... 448a 451a 457a 503a 503a 507a 515a 519a 522a 524a 532a
..... ..... ..... ..... 530a 533a 539a 545a 545a 549a 557a 601a 604a 606a 614a
523a 531a 533a 540a 541a 544a 550a 556a 556a 600a 609a 613a 616a 618a 626a
538a 546a 548a 555a 556a 559a 605a 611a 615a 619a 628a ..... 632a ..... .....
..... ..... 632a ..... 636a 640a 646a 652a 652a 656a 707a 725a-KIng/Pensacola via Route 1 ..... ..... .....
620a 628a 630a 638a 639a 642a 648a 654a 700a 705a 718a 723a 727a 729a 739a
638a 646a 649a 657a 658a 702a 711a 719a 704a 709a 722a 741a-KIng/Pensacola via Route 1 ..... ..... .....
645a 653a 656a 704a 705a 710a 719a 727a 720a 725a 739a 746a 751a 753a 803a
720a 732a 736a 745a 746a 751a 759a 805a 730a 735a 749a 756a 801a 803a 813a
810a 818a 820a 827a 828a 831a 838a 844a 745a 750a 803a 807a 811a 813a 823a
845a 853a 855a 902a 903a 905a 912a 918a 755a 800a 809a 813a 817a 819a 829a
925a 933a 935a 942a 943a 945a 952a 958a 805a 809a 818a 822a 826a 828a 838a
1005a 1014a 1016a 1023a 1024a 1026a 1033a 1039a 845a 849a 858a 902a 906a 908a 918a
1045a 1054a 1056a 1103a 1104a 1106a 1113a 1120a 925a 929a 938a 942a 946a 948a 958a
1125a 1133a 1135a 1142a 1143a 1145a 1152a 1159a 1005a 1009a 1018a 1022a 1025a 1027a 1036a
1205p 1213p 1215p 1222p 1223p 1225p 1232p 1239p 1045a 1049a 1058a 1102a 1105a 1107a 1116a
1245p 1253p 1255p 102p 103p 106p 113p 119p 1125a 1129a 1138a 1142a 1145a 1147a 1156a
125p 133p 135p 143p 144p 147p 154p 200p 1205p 1208p 1217p 1221p 1224p 1226p 1236p
..... .. .. .. .. Tue-Fri School Days Only-Dole Middle School-216p 227p 233p 1245p 1248p 1257p 101p 104p 106p 116p
205p 213p 216p 224p 225p 229p 239p 245p 125p 128p 137p 141p 144p 146p 156p
..... ..... ..... ..... ..... Mon School Days Only-Dole Middle School-228p 239p 245p 205p 208p 216p 220p 224p 226p 235p
..... ..... 245p ..... 250p 254p 304p 310p 245p 248p 256p 300p 304p 306p 316p
250p 258p 301p 309p 310p 313p 322p 328p 315p 318p 327p ..... 329p ..... .....
..... ..... 330p ..... 335p 339p 348p 354p 335p 338p 347p 351p 355p 357p 407p
330p 339p 341p 349p 350p 353p 402p 408p 355p 358p 407p ..... 409p ..... .....
..... ..... 410p ..... 415p 419p 428p 434p 410p 413p 422p 426p 430p 432p 442p
410p 419p 421p 429p 430p 433p 442p 448p 435p 438p 447p ..... 449p ..... .....
..... ..... 440p ..... 445p 449p 458p 505p 450p 453p 502p 505p 509p 511p 520p
450p 459p 501p 509p 510p 513p 522p 529p 505p 508p 516p 521p-Kalihi Transit Center .. ..... .....
525p 533p 535p 543p 544p 547p 556p 603p 530p 533p 541p 544p 548p 550p 559p
605p 613p 615p 622p 623p 625p 634p 640p 605p 608p 616p 619p 622p 624p 633p
720p 728p 730p 737p 738p 740p 749p 755p 645p 648p 656p 659p 702p 704p 713p
830p 837p 839p 844p 845p 847p 856p 902p 755p 758p 805p 808p 811p 813p 821p
935p 942p 944p 948p 949p 951p 959p 1004p 905p 908p 914p 916p 919p 921p 929p
1040p 1046p 1047p 1051p 1052p 1054p 1101p 1106p 1010p 1013p 1019p 1021p 1024p 1026p 1034p
1135p 1144p-Kalihi Transit Center ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 1109p 1112p 1118p 1120p 1123p 1125p 1133
KA- Starts at Kalihi/Ahuahu 1 minute earlier
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers. NOTE: P.M. school trips subject to change based on school dismissal times.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.