ROUTE 9 KAIMUKI - PEARL HARBOR    Effective 12/3/17 Route 9 Symbols ROUTE 9 KAIMUKI - PEARL HARBOR    Effective 12/3/17
SUNDAY:  Eastbound from Pearl Harbor to Kaimuki C  Begins/Ends at Landing C SUNDAY:  Westbound from Kaimuki to Pearl Harbor
Eastbound Destination Signs S  Begins/Ends at Navy Supply  Center Westbound Destination Signs 
To KCC-Makapuu/Alohea:  9 Kaimuki KCC CS - Leaves Landing C and leaves Navy Supply Center  To Pearl Harbor:  9 Navy Nimitz Gate
To Alapai/King:  9 Alapai Transit Center        11 minutes later To Landing C:  9 Navy Landing C
SC - Arrives at Navy Supply Center and ends at Landing C  To Navy Supply Center:  9 Navy Supply Center
       10 minutes later
Center Rodgers Kam Hwy King Kapiolani Kapiolani Kapiolani 9th Waialae Alohea PHon - Regular weekday operation runs into Pearl Harbor;  Alohea Waialae 9th Kapiolani Kapiolani Alapai Beretania King Kam Hwy Rodgers Kam Hwy Center
Nimitz Nimitz Middle Beretania South Kalakaua Waialae Waialae Koko Head Makapuu            does not run on New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr.  Makapuu Koko Head Waialae Kaimuki Kalakaua King Punchbowl Beretania Middle Nimitz Radford Nimitz
(#3346) (#704) (#579) (#124) (#595) (#2991) (#2997) (#3075) (#3078) (#3326)            Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,  (#3326) (#3058)  (#3176) (#3044) (#3052) (#181) (#45) (#52) (#453) (#470) (#699) (#3346)
..... ..... ..... 600a 608a 617a 624a 627a 628a 634a            Labor Day, Discoverers' Day, Veterans' Day,  ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 536a 537a 543a 553a 559a 604a 607a
610a 620a 624a 632a 640a 649a 656a 659a 700a 709a            Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and during emergency  ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 601a 602a 608a 618a 624a 629a 632a
700a 711a 715a 724a 733a 742a 749a 753a 754a 803a            military base closures. 550a 600a 602a 606a 612a 620a 621a 628a 639a 645a 650a 653a
750a 801a 805a 814a 823a 832a 839a 843a 844a 851a PHoff - Buses do not enter Pearl Harbor and terminate at  643a 652a 654a 658a 704a 712a 713a 720a 731a 737a 742a 745a
840a 852a 856a 905a 914a 923a 930a 934a 935a 942a            Center/Nimitz ONLY on New Year's Day, Martin Luther  728a 737a 739a 745a 752a 800a 801a 810a 821a 827a 832a 835a
930a 942a 946a 956a 1006a 1015a 1023a 1027a 1028a 1035a            King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day,  819a 828a 830a 835a 842a 850a 851a 900a 911a 917a 922a 925a
1020a 1032a 1036a 1046a 1056a 1107a 1115a 1119a 1120a 1126a            Independence Day, Labor Day, Discoverers' Day,  908a 917a 919a 924a 931a 940a 941a 950a 1001a 1007a 1012a 1015a
1110a 1122a 1126a 1136a 1146a 1157a 1205p 1209p 1210p 1216p            Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and  957a 1006a 1008a 1013a 1020a 1029a 1030a 1039a 1050a 1056a 1101a 1104a
1200p 1212p 1216p 1226p 1237p 1248p 1256p 100p 101p 108p            during emergency military base closures.   1047a 1056a 1058a 1103a 1110a 1119a 1121a 1130a 1141a 1147a 1152a 1155a
1250p 101p 105p 115p 126p 137p 145p 149p 150p 157p 1137a 1146a 1148a 1153a 1200p 1209p 1211p 1220p 1231p 1237p 1242p 1245p
140p 151p 155p 206p 217p 228p 236p 240p 241p 248p M -      Ends at Makapuu/Alohea 2 minutes later 1228p 1237p 1239p 1244p 1251p 100p 102p 110p 121p 127p 132p 135p
230p 241p 245p 256p 307p 318p 326p 330p 331p 338p 118p 127p 129p 134p 141p 150p 152p 200p 211p 217p 222p 225p
320p 331p 335p 346p 355p 406p 414p 418p 419p 426p 207p 216p 218p 223p 230p 240p 242p 250p 301p 307p 312p 315p
410p 421p 425p 436p 445p 456p 504p 508p 509p 516p 257p 306p 308p 313p 320p 330p 332p 340p 351p 357p 402p 405p
500p 511p 515p 526p 535p 546p 554p 558p 559p 606p 348p 357p 359p 404p 411p 422p 423p 430p 441p 447p 452p 455p
550p 601p 605p 614p 622p 633p 641p 645p 646p 653p 436p 445p 447p 452p 459p 510p 511p 518p 529p 535p 541p 544p
640p 651p 655p 703p 711p 722p 730p 734p 735p 741p NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA 526p 535p 537p 542p 549p 600p 601p 608p 618p 625p 631p 634p
730p 742p 746p 754p 802p 812p 820p 824p 825p 831p (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers. 615p 624p 626p 631p 638p 649p 650p 657p 708p 715p 721p 724p
820p 832p 836p 844p 852p 901p 909p 913p 914p 920p Go to the HEA website at 707p 716p 718p 722p 728p 739p 740p 747p 758p 805p 811p 814p
910p 921p 925p 933p 941p 950p 958p 1002p 1003p 1009p 759p 807p 809p 813p 819p 828p 829p 835p 846p 852p 856p 859p
Schedule to change without notice. 844p 852p 854p 858p 904p 913p 914p 920p 929p 935p 939p 942p
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped. 924p 932p 934p 938p 944p 953p 954p 1000p 1009p 1015p 1019p 1022p
1016p 1024p 1026p 1030p 1036p 1043p 1044p 1050p ..... ..... ..... .....