ROUTE 9 KAIMUKI - PEARL HARBOR    Effective 10/5/20 Route 9 Symbols ROUTE 9 KAIMUKI - PEARL HARBOR    Effective 10/5/20
SUNDAY:  Eastbound from Pearl Harbor to Kaimuki C - Begins/Ends at Central/Lake Erie (#4501) SUNDAY:  Westbound from Kaimuki to Pearl Harbor
Eastbound Destination Signs S -  Begins/Ends at Navy Supply  Center Westbound Destination Signs 
To KCC-Alohea/Pokole:  9 Kaimuki KCC CS - Leaves Central/Lake Erie and leaves Navy Supply Center  To Pearl Harbor:  9 Navy Nimitz Gate
To Alapai/King:  9 Alapai Transit Center        9-10 minutes later To Central/Lake Erie:  9 Navy Shipyard
SC - Arrives at Navy Supply Center and ends at Central/Lake Erie To Navy Supply Center:  9 Navy Supply Center
       8 minutes later To King/Beretania:  9 Aala Park
A D E F H J L Q R M - Ends at Makapuu/Alohea 2 minutes later
Center Nimitz/Rodgers Kam Hwy King Kapiolani Kapiolani Kapiolani Waialae Alohea R Q K J I G F E D B A
Nimitz Makai Middle Beretania South Kalakaua Waialae Koko Head Makapuu Alohea Waialae Kapiolani Kapiolani Alapai Beretania King Kam Hwy Nimitz/Rodgers Kam Hwy Center
(#3346) (#704) (#579) (#124) (#595) (#2991) (#2997) (#3078) (#3326) PHon - Regular weekday operation runs into Pearl Harbor.  Makapuu Koko Head Kaimuki Kalakaua King Punchbowl Beretania Middle Mauka Radford Nimitz
..... ..... ..... 600a 608a 616a 623a 627a 633a (#3326) (#3058)  (#3044) (#3052) (#181) (#45) (#52) (#453) (#470) (#699) (#3346)
620a 630a 635a 644a 652a 700a 707a 711a 718a PHoff - Buses do not enter Pearl Harbor and terminate at  ..... ..... ..... ..... 535a 537a 543a 554a 600a 607a 610a
700a 710a 716a 725a 734a 743a 750a 754a 801a            Center/Nimitz ONLY on New Year's Day, Martin Luther  535a 544a 550a 556a 605a 607a 614a 626a 632a 639a 642a
750a 800a 806a 815a 825a 835a 843a 848a 855a            King Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Memorial Day,  605a 614a 620a 626a 635a 637a 644a 656a 702a 709a 712a
845a 855a 901a 911a 921a 931a 939a 945a 952a            Independence Day, Labor Day, Discoverers' Day,  640a 649a 655a 701a 710a 712a 720a 731a 737a 744a 747a
935a 945a 951a 1001a 1012a 1023a 1031a 1037a 1044a            Veterans' Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and  725a 734a 740a 747a 756a 758a 807a 818a 824a 831a 834a
1035a 1046a 1052a 1103a 1115a 1127a 1135a 1141a 1148a            during emergency military base closures.   810a 819a 826a 833a 842a 844a 853a 904a 910a 917a 920a
1135a 1146a 1152a 1203p 1215p 1227p 1236p 1242p 1249p 905a 914a 922a 929a 940a 942a 951a 1002a 1008a 1015a 1018a
1235p 1247p 1253p 105p 117p 130p 139p 146p 153p 1000a 1010a 1018a 1026a 1037a 1040a 1050a 1102a 1108a 1116a 1119a
135p 146p 152p 204p 214p 226p 234p 240p 248p NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA 1100a 1110a 1118a 1125a 1136a 1139a 1149a 1201p 1207p 1215p 1218p
235p 246p 252p 304p 314p 326p 335p 341p 348p (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers. 1200p 1209p 1217p 1224p 1235p 1238p 1247p 1259p 105p 113p 116p
335p 346p 353p 405p 415p 427p 436p 443p 450p Go to the HEA website at 100p 110p 118p 125p 136p 139p 148p 159p 205p 212p 215p
435p 447p 454p 505p 515p 527p 536p 543p 550p 200p 210p 218p 226p 237p 240p 249p 301p 307p 314p 317p
535p 546p 552p 602p 612p 624p 633p 639p 646p Schedule to change without notice. 300p 309p 317p 324p 335p 337p 346p 358p 404p 411p 414p
630p 641p 647p 657p 706p 718p 727p 733p 740p All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped. 400p 410p 418p 425p 436p 438p 447p 458p 504p 511p 514p
730p 741p 746p 755p 804p 814p 822p 827p 834p 500p 510p 518p 525p 536p 538p 546p 557p 604p 611p 614p
820p 830p 835p 844p 852p 902p 910p 915p 921p 600p 610p 617p 624p 635p 637p 645p 656p 703p 710p 713p
910p 920p 925p 934p 942p 952p 1000p 1005p 1011p 700p 709p 715p 722p 731p 733p 741p 752p 758p 804p 807p
750p 759p 804p 810p 819p 821p 829p 840p 846p 852p 855p
840p 848p 853p 859p 908p 910p 917p 927p 932p 938p 941p
930p 937p 942p 948p 957p 959p 1006p 1016p 1021p 1027p 1030p
1020p 1027p 1032p 1038p 1047p 1049p 1056p ..... ..... ..... .....