ROUTE A - CITYEXPRESS!     Effective 3/1/20  ZOOM*  6:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. ZOOM*
WEEKDAY:  Eastbound - Waipahu to University of Hawaii via Kalihi Zoom allows some bus routes at designated times of the day to run early from a specified
Eastbound Destination Signs: timepoint, called a Zoom Point.  From the zoom point on, the bus will service all designated
To University of Hawaii - A CITYEXPRESS! UH MANOA Route A bus stops along the route, transporting our passengers as safely, quickly and
To Kalihi Transit Center - A CITYEXPRESS! KALIHI TRANSIT CTR efficiently as possible.  Zoom rules will only apply between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
Leolua/Leoku Waipahu Kamehameha Kamehameha Kalihi  King King Kapiolani University of Hawaii
Makai Transit Ctr Pali Momi Salt Lake Transit Ctr Dillingham Punchbowl Keeaumoku Sinclair Circle
(#3379) (#4421) (#692) (#695) (#4523) (#996) (#131) (#999) (#983)
..... ..... ..... ..... 441a 450a 456a 502a 513a
418a 431a 447a 449a 503a 512a 519a 525a 537a
433a 446a 502a 504a 518a 527a 534a 540a 552a
448a 501a 517a 519a 533a 543a 550a 556a 608a
503a 515a 531a 533a 547a 557a 604a 610a 622a
514a 526a 544a 546a 600a 610a 617a 623a 635a
525a 537a 555a 557a 611a 622a 629a 635a 648a
536a 548a 606a 608a 622a 634a 641a 647a 703a
548a 601a 621a 623a 637a 649a 656a 703a 727a
603a 620a 643a 645a 700a 715a 725a 732a 753a
618a 636a 700a 702a 717a 734a 744a 751a 808a
633a 653a 717a 719a 734a 749a 802a 809a 823a
648a 708a 730a 732a 747a 801a 811a 818a 831a
703a 723a 745a 747a 802a 816a 825a 833a 845a
718a 737a 757a 800a 816a 830a 839a 847a 859a
733a 751a 809a 812a 828a 842a 852a 859a 911a
748a 802a 821a 824a 840a 854a 904a 913a 927a
803a 817a 838a 841a 857a 911a 921a 928a 941a
818a 833a 852a 855a 911a 925a 935a 942a 955a
833a 847a 907a 910a 926a 940a 950a 957a 1010a
848a 904a 924a 927a 943a 957a 1007a 1014a 1027a
903a 917a 937a 940a 956a 1010a 1020a 1027a 1040a
918a 932a 952a 955a 1011a 1025a 1035a 1042a 1055a
933a 947a 1007a 1010a 1026a 1040a 1050a 1057a 1110a
948a 1002a 1022a 1025a 1041a 1055a 1105a 1112a 1125a
1003a 1017a 1037a 1040a 1056a 1110a 1120a 1128a 1141a
1018a 1032a 1052a 1055a 1111a 1125a 1135a 1143a 1156a
1033a 1047a 1107a 1110a 1126a 1140a 1150a 1158a 1211p
1048a 1102a 1122a 1125a 1141a 1155a 1205p 1213p 1228p
1103a 1117a 1137a 1140a 1156a 1210p 1220p 1228p 1243p
1118a 1132a 1152a 1155a 1211p 1225p 1235p 1243p 1258p
1133a 1147a 1207p 1210p 1226p 1240p 1250p 1258p 113p
1148a 1202p 1222p 1225p 1241p 1255p 105p 113p 128p
1203p 1217p 1237p 1240p 1256p 110p 120p 128p 143p
1218p 1232p 1252p 1255p 111p 125p 135p 143p 158p
1233p 1247p 107p 110p 126p 140p 150p 158p 213p
1247p 1259p 119p 122p 138p 152p 202p 210p 225p
102p 116p 136p 139p 155p 209p 219p 227p 242p
118p 132p 152p 155p 211p 224p 234p 241p 256p
133p 150p 210p 213p 229p 243p 253p 301p 316p
148p 204p 224p 227p 243p 257p 307p 315p 330p
203p 219p 239p 242p 257p 312p 322p 330p 346p
218p 233p 254p 256p 311p 326p 336p 345p 401p
233p 247p 307p 309p 323p 339p 349p 358p 413p
247p 301p 322p 324p 338p 355p 407p 414p 428p
303p 320p 343p 345p 359p 416p 429p 437p 453p
319p 336p 400p 402p 417p 434p 448p 456p 511p
334p 352p 413p 415p 430p 448p 502p 512p 529p
348p 405p 425p 427p 442p 501p 513p 522p 538p
403p 417p 437p 439p 454p 514p 526p 535p 550p
418p 432p 451p 453p 508p 530p 542p 552p 607p
434p 449p 507p 510p 525p 542p 553p 604p 619p
448p 505p 523p 526p 541p 559p 607p 617p 632p
508p 522p 539p 541p 556p 612p 620p 627p 642p
533p 549p 608p 610p 622p 632p 638p 646p 702p
603p 619p 637p 639p 652p 702p 710p 718p 734p
633p 649p 708p 710p 723p 733p 741p 748p 803p
708p 722p 740p 742p 756p 807p 816p 821p 833p
737p 747p 801p 803p 814p 824p 830p 835p 847p
807p 817p 831p 833p 844p 852p 857p 902p 913p
837p 847p 901p 903p 914p 922p 927p 932p 943p
908p 918p 932p 934p 945p 953p 958p 1003p 1014p
932p 942p 954p 956p 1007p ..... ..... ..... .....
1002p 1010p 1022p 1024p 1035p ..... ..... ..... .....
ROUTE A - CITYEXPRESS!     Effective 3/1/20  ZOOM*  6:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
WEEKDAY:  Westbound - University of Hawaii to Waipahu via Kalihi
Westbound Destination Signs:
University of Hawaii Kapiolani Beretania King Kalihi  Kamehameha Kamehameha Kamehameha Hwy Waipahu Leolua/Leoku
Sinclair Circle Keeaumoku Punchbowl Liliha Transit Ctr Salt Lake Pali Momi Waimano Home Rd Transit Ctr Makai
(#983) (#986) (#45) (#987) (#4523) (#479) (#481) (#491) (#4420) (#3379)
515a 524a 530a 535a 546a 558a 600a 607a 615a 624a
538a 547a 553a 558a 609a 621a 624a 632a 643a 652a
551a 600a 606a 611a 622a 634a 637a 645a 656a 705a
605a 615a 623a 628a 640a 652a 655a 703a 714a 723a
619a 629a 637a 642a 654a 706a 709a 716a 726a 737a
633a 643a 651a 656a 709a 721a 724a 731a 741a 754a
646a 656a 704a 710a 724a 736a 739a 747a 758a 808a
659a 711a 719a 725a 739a 751a 754a 802a 813a 822a
714a 726a 734a 740a 754a 806a 809a 817a 828a 837a
728a 740a 748a 754a 808a 820a 823a 831a 842a 851a
741a 753a 800a 806a 820a 832a 835a 843a 854a 903a
756a 808a 815a 820a 833a 845a 848a 857a 908a 917a
809a 823a 830a 835a 848a 900a 903a 912a 923a 932a
824a 839a 846a 851a 904a 916a 919a 928a 939a 948a
839a 854a 901a 906a 919a 931a 934a 943a 954a 1004a
856a 911a 918a 923a 936a 948a 951a 1000a 1011a 1021a
910a 925a 932a 937a 950a 1002a 1005a 1014a 1025a 1035a
925a 940a 948a 953a 1006a 1019a 1022a 1031a 1042a 1052a
940a 954a 1002a 1007a 1020a 1033a 1036a 1045a 1056a 1105a
955a 1008a 1016a 1024a 1037a 1050a 1053a 1102a 1113a 1122a
1010a 1023a 1031a 1039a 1052a 1105a 1108a 1117a 1128a 1137a
1025a 1038a 1046a 1054a 1107a 1120a 1123a 1132a 1143a 1152a
1040a 1053a 1101a 1109a 1122a 1135a 1138a 1147a 1158a 1207p
1055a 1108a 1116a 1124a 1137a 1150a 1153a 1202p 1213p 1222p
1110a 1123a 1131a 1139a 1152a 1205p 1208p 1217p 1228p 1237p
1125a 1138a 1146a 1154a 1207p 1220p 1223p 1232p 1243p 1252p
1140a 1153a 1201p 1209p 1222p 1235p 1238p 1247p 1258p 107p
1155a 1208p 1216p 1224p 1237p 1250p 1253p 102p 113p 122p
1210p 1223p 1231p 1239p 1252p 105p 108p 117p 128p 137p
1225p 1238p 1245p 1253p 106p 119p 122p 131p 142p 151p
1240p 1253p 100p 107p 120p 133p 136p 145p 156p 206p
1255p 108p 115p 123p 135p 147p 150p 159p 210p 221p
110p 123p 131p 138p 150p 202p 205p 214p 225p 236p
125p 138p 146p 153p 206p 219p 222p 231p 242p 253p
140p 153p 201p 207p 222p 235p 238p 247p 258p 309p
154p 207p 215p 222p 237p 250p 253p 302p 313p 324p
210p 223p 233p 240p 255p 308p 311p 320p 331p 347p
225p 238p 247p 254p 309p 322p 325p 334p 345p 358p
235p 248p 256p 303p 318p 331p 334p 343p 354p 407p
243p 256p 304p 311p 326p 339p 342p 351p 402p 415p
252p 305p 313p 322p 337p 350p 353p 402p 413p 427p
304p 317p 329p 336p 351p 404p 407p 416p 427p 438p
315p 330p 344p 351p 406p 419p 422p 431p 442p 452p
330p 343p 355p 402p 417p 430p 433p 442p 453p 503p
345p 400p 412p 419p 434p 447p 450p 459p 510p 520p
400p 418p 435p 445p 502p 516p 519p 528p 539p 549p
415p 433p 451p 504p 519p 532p 535p 544p 555p 607p
425p 442p 500p 513p 528p 541p 544p 553p 604p 617p
440p 457p 516p 529p 544p 557p 600p 609p 620p 630p
455p 513p 530p 538p 552p 605p 608p 617p 628p 637p
510p 526p 540p 548p 601p 614p 617p 626p 637p 646p
524p 539p 551p 559p 612p 625p 628p 637p 648p 657p
540p 554p 606p 614p 627p 640p 643p 652p 703p 712p
555p 607p 619p 625p 639p 652p 655p 703p 714p 722p
620p 633p 643p 650p 704p 718p 721p 730p 741p 751p
651p 703p 715p 721p 734p 748p 751p 800p 812p 821p
720p 733p 746p 752p 805p 819p 822p 831p 843p 851p
750p 801p 809p 815p 826p 839p 842p 849p 858p 904p
820p 830p 838p 843p 853p 906p 909p 916p 925p 930p
850p 900p 908p 913p 923p 936p 939p 946p 955p 1000p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule subject to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.