ROUTE E - COUNTRYEXPRESS!     Effective 6/2/19  ZOOM*  6:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. ZOOM*
SATURDAY:  Eastbound - Ewa Beach to Waikiki Zoom allows some bus routes at designated times of the day to run early from a specified
Eastbound Destination Sign:  E COUNTRYEXPRESS! WAIKIKI timepoint, called a Zoom Point.  From the zoom point on, the bus will service all designated
Route E bus stops along the route, transporting our passengers as safely, quickly and
a c d e g h efficiently as possible.  Zoom rules will only apply between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
    ZOOM   Ala Moana  Blvd  
Ft Weaver Ft Weaver Mokuola Bishop opposite Monsarrat
Kuhina Papipi Kauolu Hotel Shopping Ctr Kalakaua NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(#1076) (#1091) (#1358)* (#834) (#1102) (#87) (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
403a 409a 430a 455a 503a 515a Go to the HEA website at
503a 509a 530a 555a 603a 614a
559a 605a 630a 655a 704a 716a
700a 706a 730a 755a 804a 816a Schedule subject to change without notice.
800a 806a 830a 855a 904a 918a All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.
857a 903a 930a 955a 1004a 1018a
957a 1003a 1030a 1055a 1104a 1118a
1057a 1103a 1130a 1155a 1205p 1219p * Effective 4/15/19, Waipahu Transit Center is closed due to construction until further notice.  
1157a 1203p 1230p 1255p 105p 119p Visit our website at, or call (808) 848-5555 (Press 2) for the nearest bus stop.
..... 103p 130p 155p 205p 219p
..... 203p 230p 255p 305p 320p
..... 304p 330p 355p 405p 420p
..... 404p 430p 455p 505p 520p
..... 504p 530p 555p 605p 619p
..... 604p 630p 656p 705p 719p
..... 705p 730p 755p 804p 818p
..... 806p 830p 855p 902p 916p
..... 851p 915p 940p 947p 1001p
..... 931p 955p 1020p 1027p 1041p
ROUTE E - COUNTRYEXPRESS!     Effective 6/2/19  ZOOM*  6:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
SATURDAY:  Westbound - Waikiki to Ewa Beach
Westbound Destination Sign:  E COUNTRYEXPRESS! EWA BEACH
h g f d a b
  Ala Moana Blvd ZOOM    
Monsarrat at Shopping Hotel Mokuola Ft Weaver Ewa
Kalakaua Center Alakea opp Kauolu Kuhina Transit Ctr
(#88) (#428) (#46) (#1332)* (#1076) (#4202)
412a 427a 434a 500a 515a .....
512a 527a 534a 600a 620a .....
606a 627a 634a 700a 719a .....
703a 727a 735a 800a 819a .....
803a 827a 835a 900a 919a .....
905a 926a 934a 1000a 1020a .....
1002a 1025a 1034a 1100a 1120a .....
1101a 1124a 1134a 1200p 1220p 1227p
1201p 1224p 1234p 100p 120p 127p
101p 124p 134p 200p 220p 227p
201p 224p 234p 300p 320p 327p
303p 325p 334p 400p 420p 427p
403p 425p 434p 500p 520p 527p
503p 525p 534p 600p 619p 626p
605p 625p 635p 700p 718p 725p
705p 725p 735p 800p 816p 823p
805p 825p 835p 900p 916p 923p
905p 925p 935p 1000p 1015p 1022p