ROUTE E - COUNTRYEXPRESS!     Effective 10/5/20  ZOOM*  6:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. ZOOM*
STATE HOLIDAY:  Eastbound - Ewa Beach to Waikiki Zoom allows some bus routes at designated times of the day to run early from a specified
Eastbound Destination Sign:  E COUNTRYEXPRESS! WAIKIKI timepoint, called a Zoom Point.  From the zoom point on, the bus will service all designated
Route E bus stops along the route, transporting our passengers as safely, quickly and
a c d e g h efficiently as possible.  Zoom rules will only apply between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
    ZOOM   Ala Moana Ctr  
Ft Weaver & Ft Weaver Waipahu Bishop Kona Monsarrat
Kuhina Papipi Transit Ctr Hotel Keeaumoku Kalakaua NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(#1076) (#1091) (#4421) (#834) (#760) (#87) (Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
345a 353a 415a 439a 447a 459a Go to the HEA website at
413a 421a 443a 507a 515a 530a
447a 455a 517a 542a 550a 605a
517a 525a 547a 613a 622a 637a Schedule subject to change without notice.
547a 555a 619a 645a 654a 710a All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.
617a 625a 650a 715a 725a 741a
641a 649a 714a 740a 750a 807a
708a 716a 741a 807a 817a 835a
738a 746a 812a 838a 848a 905a
808a 816a 843a 910a 921a 937a
842a 850a 918a 947a 958a 1016a
912a 920a 948a 1018a 1030a 1048a
942a 950a 1019a 1049a 1101a 1119a
1012a 1020a 1050a 1120a 1133a 1151a
1042a 1050a 1117a 1147a 1200p 1218p
1112a 1120a 1146a 1215p 1228p 1246p
..... 1150a 1218p 1247p 100p 119p
..... 1220p 1249p 118p 131p 150p
..... 1250p 120p 149p 202p 222p
..... 120p 150p 220p 232p 252p
..... 205p 237p 307p 320p 341p
..... 235p 306p 336p 349p 410p
..... 305p 331p 401p 413p 435p
..... 335p 401p 428p 440p 502p
..... 409p 435p 502p 514p 535p
..... 439p 505p 532p 544p 605p
..... 509p 536p 603p 614p 633p
..... 539p 606p 634p 645p 704p
..... 609p 635p 703p 715p 734p
..... 639p 705p 732p 744p 803p
..... 709p 733p 800p 811p 830p
..... 739p 803p 829p 840p 859p
..... 809p 833p 859p 909p 927p
..... 839p 903p 929p 939p 957p
..... 909p 931p 957p 1007p 1024p
ROUTE E - COUNTRYEXPRESS!     Effective 10/5/20  ZOOM*  6:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
STATE HOLIDAY:  Westbound - Waikiki to Ewa Beach
Westbound Destination Sign:  E COUNTRYEXPRESS! EWA BEACH
h g f d a b
  Ala Moana Blvd ZOOM    
Monsarrat at Shopping Hotel Waipahu Ft Weaver & Ewa
Kalakaua Center Alakea Transit Ctr Kuhina Transit Ctr
(#88) (#428) (#46) (#4420) (#1076) (#4202)
426a 443a 452a 517a  K 535a .....
456a 514a 523a 548a K 606a .....
520a 538a 547a 612a K 631a .....
541a 559a 609a 634a K 653a .....
600a 619a 629a 654a K 714a .....
635a 654a 704a 729a K 749a .....
700a 723a 734a 759a K 817a .....
730a 753a 804a 831a K 849a .....
800a 827a 839a 906a K 930a .....
830a 857a 909a 937a K1001a .....
857a 924a 936a 1004a K1028a .....
927a 954a 1007a 1035a K1059a .....
957a 1027a 1040a 1109a 1135a 1141a
1027a 1057a 1111a 1140a 1206p 1212p
1056a 1126a 1140a 1209p 1235p 1241p
1126a 1156a 1211p 1239p 105p 112p
1206p 1235p 1250p 118p 144p 151p
1241p 110p 124p 153p 218p 224p
111p 140p 154p 222p 247p 253p
141p 210p 225p 253p 318p 324p
211p 241p 256p 324p 349p 355p
241p 313p 328p 356p 421p 427p
306p 341p 356p 424p 449p 455p
329p 404p 419p 447p 512p 519p
357p 432p 447p 515p 540p 547p
427p 502p 516p 544p 609p 616p
457p 527p 541p 609p 634p 641p
529p 558p 612p 639p 704p 710p
609p 638p 652p 719p 743p 749p
651p 720p 733p 800p 821p 827p
721p 750p 803p 830p 851p 857p
751p 818p 831p 858p 920p 926p
821p 847p 900p 928p 950p 956p
851p 917p 929p 957p 1017p 1024p
952p 1018p 1030p 1058p 1118p 1125p
Route E Symbol
K - Terminates at Ft. Weaver/Kaimalie (drop off only)