ROUTE 85 WINDWARD EXPRESS-KANEOHE                    Effective: 08/22/21

Regular Routes

WESTBOUND: Pali/Beretania to Mokapu Rd/Kaneohe Bay Dr via Likelike-Kaneohe: TheBus will begin regular “LOCAL” service at Pali Highway, continue onto Bishop Street, left onto Queen Street, left onto Alakea Street, after passing Hotel Street, begin “EXPRESS” service onto Queen Emma Street, left onto Vineyard Boulevard, take the on-ramp onto H-1 WEST, right EXIT 20A "LIKELIKE HIGHWAY,” onto Likelike (service the stop at Likelike/School), begin regular “LOCAL” service at Kaneohe Bay Drive, right onto Aumoku Street, continue onto Koa Kahiko Street, left onto Mealele Street, right onto Namoku Street, left onto Mikihilina Street, right onto Mokulele Drive, right onto Kaneohe Bay Drive, continue onto Mokapu Saddle Road, continue onto Mokapu Boulevard, left onto Kaneohe Bay Drive, right onto Ilihau Street, right onto Aikahi Loop, right onto Mokapu Road to Kaneohe Bay Drive.

EASTBOUND: Kaneohe Bay Dr/Mokapu Blvd to Beretania/Punchbowl via Kaneohe-Likelike: TheBus will begin regular “LOCAL” service on Kaneohe Bay Dr, right Ilihau, right Aikahi Lp, right Mokapu, continue onto Mokapu Blvd, Mokapu Saddle Rd,onto Kaneohe Bay Dr, left Mokulele Dr, left Mikihilina, right Namoku, left Mealele, right Koa Kahiko, continue left onto Koa Kahiko, right Kamehameha, left Likelike Hwy. Begin “EXPRESS” service at Likelike Highway, take the on-ramp onto H-1 EAST, continue on H-1 EAST, take EXIT 21A "PALI HIGHWAY", right Pali Hwy, begin regular “LOCAL” service at Pali/Vineyard on Pali Hwy, onto Bishop, left Queen St, left South, onto Alapai, left Beretania to Beretania/Punchbowl. 

Destination Signs:


To Beretania/Punchbowl . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85 DOWNTOWN EXPRESS


To Mokapu Rd/Kaneohe Bay Dr . . . . . . . 85 EXPRESS KANEOHE AIKAHI