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TheHandi-Van Rider Satisfaction Survey

We would like to receive your feedback on your recent trips on TheHandi-Van.  You can participate in an online survey through the Estimated Van Arrival (EVA) website (https://eva.thebus.org). 

The survey form is also available for download online in
EnglishChuukeseIlokanoJapanese (日本語)Chinese (中文) and Tagalog.  You may also request a copy of the form in any of these languages mailed to you or provide your feedback by phone by calling (808) 768-8300. 

Completed survey forms may be submitted by mail, email or fax: 

Mail:          Paratransit Service and Operations Branch
                 Department of Transportation Services
                 City and County of Honolulu
                 Pacific Park Plaza
                 711 Kapiolani Boulevard, Suite 1600
                 Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813 

Email:       handivan@honolulu.gov
Fax:          (808) 768-1986 

If you have any questions, contact handivan@honolulu.gov or (808) 768-8300.

Estimated Van Arrival System and Customer Comment
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RMA and Rider's Guide and eligibility
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