ROUTE 151 CHINATOWN - KUAKINI - KAULUWELA        Effective 12/3/23
Eastbound Destination Sign to River/Vineyard:  151 Chinatown - Halewaiolu
Westbound Destination Sign to Kuakini/Huli:  151 Chinatown - Kuakini
River King Kuakini River
Vineyard Beretania Huli Vineyard
(#4756) (#52) (#4760) (#4756)
530a 540a 549a 558a
600a 611a 621a 632a
635a 646a 656a 707a
710a 721a 731a 742a
745a 756a 806a 817a
820a 831a 841a 852a
855a 906a 916a 927a
930a 941a 951a 1002a
1005a 1016a 1026a 1037a
1040a 1051a 1101a 1112a
1115a 1126a 1136a 1147a
1150a 1201p 1211p 1222p
1225p 1236p 1246p 1257p
100p 111p 121p 132p
135p 146p 156p 207p
210p 221p 231p 242p
245p 256p 306p 317p
325p 336p 346p 357p
405p 418p 428p 439p
445p 458p 508p 519p
525p 538p 548p 559p
600p 611p 620p 629p
630p 641p 650p 659p
700p 711p 720p 729p
730p 741p 750p 759p
Route will provide service Monday through Sunday   
from Halewaiolu Senior Residences on River Street
through Chinatown, Kuakini and Kauluwela.
This service will be implemented when Halewaiolu Senior 
Residences is operational. 
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.