ROUTE 23 - ALA MOANA - SEA  LIFE PARK     Effective  12/3/23
STATE HOLIDAY:  Eastbound to Hawaii Kai/Sea Life Park STATE HOLIDAY:  Westbound to Waikiki/Ala Moana Center
Eastbound Destination Signs: Westbound Destination Signs:  
Eastbound to Sea Life Park:  23 HAWAII KAI - SEA LIFE PARK Westbound to Ala Moana Center:  23 WAIKIKI - ALA MOANA CENTER
Eastbound to Kealahou/Mokuhano:  23 KALAMA VALLEY
Ala Moana Ctr Kuhio Kuhio Monsarrat Kilauea W. Hind Hawaii Kai Kealahou Sea Life Sea Life Kealahou Hawaii Kai W. Hind Kilauea Kapahulu Saratoga Ala Moana Ctr
Kona St Lewers Paoakalani Kalakaua Waialae Kal Hwy Park & Ride Mokuhano Park Park Mokuhano Park & Ride Kal Hwy Waialae Kuhio Kalakaua Ala Moana Bl
(#426) (#150) (#154) (#88) (#252) (#260) (#4430) (#288) (#186) (#186) (#1183) (#4430) (#208) (#218) (#19) (#876) (#428)
649a 702a 709a 713a 728a 734a 744a 800a 809a 545a 554a 609a 619a 627a 643a 656a 710a
803a 816a 823a 827a 842a 848a 858a 914a 923a 625a 634a 649a 659a 707a 723a 736a 750a
903a 916a 923a 927a 942a 948a 958a 1014a 1023a 658a 707a 722a 732a 740a 756a 809a 823a
1003a 1016a 1023a 1027a 1042a 1048a 1058a 1114a 1123a 745a 754a 809a 819a 827a 843a 856a 910a
1103a 1116a 1123a 1127a 1142a 1148a 1158a 1214p 1223p 836a 845a 900a 910a 918a 933a 947a 1001a
1203p 1216p 1223p 1227p 1242p 1248p 1258p 114p 123p 933a 942a 957a 1007a 1015a 1030a 1044a 1058a
101p 114p 121p 125p 140p 146p 156p 214p 223p 1033a 1042a 1056a 1106a 1114a 1129a 1143a 1157a
159p 212p 219p 223p 239p 246p 256p 314p 323p 1136a 1145a 1159a 1209p 1217p 1232p 1246p 100p
300p 314p 321p 325p 339p 346p 356p 414p 423p 1236p 1245p 1259p 109p 117p 132p 146p 200p
356p 412p 419p 423p 437p 444p 454p 512p 521p 135p 144p 158p 208p 216p 231p 245p 259p
500p 515p 522p 526p 540p 547p 557p 614p 623p 238p 247p 301p 311p 319p 334p 348p 402p
601p 615p 622p 626p 640p 647p 657p 714p 723p 338p 347p 401p 411p 419p 434p 448p 502p
717p 728p 735p 739p 753p 758p 806p 823p ..... 444p 453p 507p 517p 525p 539p 553p 607p
541p 550p 603p 613p 621p 635p 648p 702p
637p 646p 659p 709p 715p 727p 739p 753p
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Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.