ROUTE 403 - NANAKULI/MAILI/WAIANAE     Effective 12/3/23
WEEKDAY:  Eastbound - To Nanakuli WEEKDAY:  Westbound - To Waianae
Eastbound Destination Sign:  403 LUALUALEI HOMESTEAD Westbound Destination Sign:  403 WAIANAE TRANSIT CENTER
Waianae  Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Waianae 
Transit Ctr Mailiili Princess Kahanu Nanakuli Nanakuli Nanaikeola Princess Kahanu Mailiili Transit Ctr
(#4406)   (#4302) (#710) (#710) (#511) (#4295)   (#4406)
446a 449a 459a 508a 415a 426a 428a 439a 440a
546a 549a 600a 609a 510a 521a 523a 534a 535a
646a 649a 700a 710a 610a 621a 623a 634a 635a
746a 749a 801a 811a 712a 725a 727a 738a 740a
846a 849a 900a 909a 812a 825a 827a 838a 840a
946a 949a 1000a 1009a 910a 923a 925a 936a 938a
1046a 1049a 1100a 1109a 1010a 1023a 1025a 1036a 1038a
1155a 1158a 1209p 1218p 1110a 1123a 1125a 1136a 1138a
105p 108p 119p 128p 1225p 1238p 1240p 1251p 1253p
210p 213p 224p 233p 130p 143p 145p 156p 158p
315p 318p 329p 341p 235p 248p 250p 301p 303p
415p 418p 429p 441p 345p 359p 401p 413p 415p
520p 523p 534p 546p 445p 459p 501p 513p 515p
620p 623p 634p 646p 550p 603p 605p 616p 617p
720p 723p 733p 742p 650p 702p 704p 714p 715p
818p 821p 831p 840p 750p 801p 803p 813p 814p
915p 918p 927p 934p 845p 856p 858p 908p 909p
1006p 1009p 1018p 1025p 940p 950p 952p 1002p 1003p
- Arrives at Nanakuli Ave/Mano Ave 
at 1 minute later and terminates at
Haleakala Ave/Farrington Hwy 3 minutes later thereafter.
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.