ROUTE 403 - NANAKULI/MAILI/WAIANAE     Effective 12/3/23
STATE HOLIDAY:  Eastbound - To Nanakuli STATE HOLIDAY:  Westbound - To Waianae
Eastbound Destination Sign:  403 LUALUALEI HOMESTEAD Westbound Destination Sign:  403 WAIANAE TRANSIT CENTER
Waianae  Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Farrington Hwy Waianae 
Transit Ctr Mailiili Princess Kahanu Nanakuli Nanakuli Nanaikeola Princess Kahanu Mailiili Transit Ctr
(#4406)   (#4302) (#710) (#710) (#511) (#4295)   (#4406)
450a 453a 503a 509a 415a 425a 427a 437a 438a
550a 553a 603a 610a 515a 525a 527a 537a 538a
650a 653a 704a 711a 615a 625a 627a 638a 639a
750a 753a 804a 811a 715a 725a 727a 738a 739a
850a 853a 904a 911a 815a 826a 828a 839a 840a
950a 953a 1004a 1012a 915a 926a 928a 939a 940a
1050a 1053a 1104a 1112a 1015a 1026a 1028a 1039a 1040a
1150a 1153a 1204p 1212p 1115a 1126a 1128a 1139a 1140a
1255p 1258p 109p 117p 1215p 1226p 1228p 1239p 1240p
155p 158p 209p 217p 120p 131p 133p 144p 145p
305p 308p 319p 328p 220p 231p 233p 244p 245p
405p 408p 419p 428p 330p 341p 343p 354p 355p
505p 508p 518p 525p 430p 441p 443p 454p 455p
605p 608p 618p 625p 530p 541p 543p 554p 555p
705p 708p 718p 725p 630p 641p 643p 654p 655p
805p 808p 818p 825p 730p 741p 743p 754p 755p
910p 913p 923p 930p 830p 841p 843p 854p 855p
1000p 1003p 1012p 1017p 935p 946p 948p 959p 1000p
- Arrives at Nanakuli Ave/Mano Ave 
at 1 minute later and terminates at
Haleakala Ave/Farrington Hwy 3-4 minutes later thereafter.
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.