ROUTE 41 KAPOLEI/ EWA BEACH     Effective 12/3/23
Destination Signs:  To Ewa Beach - 41 EWA BEACH TRANSIT CENTER Destination Signs:  To Kapolei - 41 KAPOLEI  TRANSIT CENTER
G J K L M N P Q b b N M L K J G
Kapolei  Kinoiki Kamaaha Kapolei Parkway Ft Barrette Geiger Ft Weaver Ft Weaver Ewa Ewa Geiger Ft Barrette Kapolei Parkway Kamaaha Kinoiki Kapolei
Transit Ctr Kamokuiki Kapolei Parkway Maluohai Roosevelt Launahele Papipi Kilaha Transit Ctr Transit Ctr Launahele Roosevelt Maluohai Kapolei Parkway Kamokuiki Transit Ctr
(#4633) (#4569) (#1794) (#1795) (#1796) (#1803) (#1805) (#1807) (#4202) (#4202) (#1772) (#1779) (#1780) (#1781) (#4569) (#4633)
500a 509a 512a 514a 516a 523a 529a 531a 535a 535a 541a 548a 550a 552a 554a 607a
600a 611a 614a 616a 618a 626a 633a 635a 639a 652a 659a 707a 709a 711a 713a 727a
700a 711a 714a 716a 718a 726a 733a 735a 740a 750a 757a 805a 807a 809a 812a 827a
800a 812a 815a 817a 819a 827a 835a 837a 841a 850a 858a 905a 907a 909a 912a 927a
900a 913a 916a 918a 920a 928a 936a 938a 942a 950a 958a 1006a 1008a 1010a 1013a 1029a
1000a 1014a 1017a 1019a 1021a 1029a 1036a 1038a 1042a 1050a 1058a 1105a 1107a 1109a 1112a 1129a
1100a 1114a 1118a 1120a 1122a 1130a 1137a 1139a 1143a 1153a 1201p 1210p 1212p 1214p 1217p 1233p
1200p 1215p 1219p 1221p 1223p 1231p 1239p 1241p 1245p 1255p 103p 110p 112p 114p 117p 132p
100p 113p 117p 119p 121p 130p 137p 139p 143p 153p 201p 210p 212p 214p 217p 231p
200p 214p 218p 220p 222p 230p 237p 239p 243p 253p 301p 308p 310p 312p 315p 329p
300p 314p 318p 320p 322p 330p 337p 339p 343p 353p 400p 408p 410p 412p 415p 430p
400p 414p 418p 420p 422p 431p 439p 441p 445p 455p 502p 511p 513p 515p 518p 533p
500p 514p 518p 520p 522p 531p 538p 540p 544p 554p 601p 608p 610p 612p 615p 629p
605p 618p 621p 623p 625p 633p 640p 642p 646p 651p 659p 706p 708p 710p 713p 726p
700p 714p 718p 720p 722p 730p 737p 739p 743p 753p 800p 807p 809p 811p 814p 827p
800p 813p 817p 819p 821p 829p 835p 837p 841p 845p 851p 858p 900p 902p 905p 919p
915p 927p 931p 933p 935p 943p 949p 951p 955p 955p 1001p 1008p 1010p 1012p 1015p 1029p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.