ROUTE 41 KAPOLEI/ EWA BEACH Effective 9/11/23
Destination Signs: To Ewa Beach - 41 EWA BEACH TRANSIT CENTER Destination Signs: To Kapolei - 41 KAPOLEI TRANSIT CENTER
G J K L M N P Q b b N M L K J G
Kapolei Kinoiki Kamaaha Kapolei Parkway Ft Barrette Geiger Ft Weaver Ft Weaver Ewa Ewa Geiger Ft Barrette Kapolei Parkway Kamaaha Kinoiki Kapolei
Transit Ctr Kamokuiki Kapolei Parkway Maluohai Roosevelt Launahele Papipi Kilaha Transit Ctr Transit Ctr Launahele Roosevelt Maluohai Kapolei Parkway Kamokuiki Transit Ctr
(#4633) (#4569) (#1794) (#1795) (#1796) (#1803) (#1805) (#1807) (#4202) (#4202) (#1772) (#1779) (#1780) (#1781) (#4569) (#4633)
500a 511a 513a 515a 517a 524a 530a 533a 536a 450a 457a 504a 505a 507a 509a 521a
610a 621a 624a 626a 628a 635a 641a 644a 647a 536a 544a 551a 552a 554a 556a 608a
SD 715a 726a 729a 731a ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 647a 656a 703a 705a 706a 708a 721a
725a 736a 740a 742a 744a 751a 758a 801a 804a 804a 812a 819a 821a 823a 825a 839a
805a 818a 821a 823a 825a 832a 839a 842a 845a 845a 852a 859a 901a 903a 905a 919a
905a 918a 921a 923a 925a 932a 939a 942a 945a 945a 952a 959a 1001a 1003a 1005a 1019a
1005a 1018a 1022a 1024a 1026a 1034a 1041a 1044a 1047a 1047a 1054a 1101a 1103a 1105a 1107a 1121a
1105a 1118a 1122a 1124a 1126a 1134a 1141a 1144a 1147a 1147a 1155a 1202p 1204p 1206p 1208p 1222p
1205p 1219p 1223p 1225p 1227p 1235p 1242p 1245p 1248p 1248p 1255p 103p 105p 107p 109p 123p
105p 119p 122p 124p 126p 134p 141p 144p 147p 147p 154p 202p 204p 206p 209p 225p
205p 219p 223p 225p 227p 236p 244p 247p 250p .. .. .. Mo-Fr SD 310p 312p 315p 333p
305p 320p 325p 327p 329p 338p 346p 349p 352p 250p 300p 311p 314p 316p 319p 337p
335p 350p 354p 356p 358p 407p 415p 418p 421p 352p 401p 410p 412p 414p 417p 434p
405p 420p 424p 426p 428p 437p 445p 448p 451p 421p 430p 437p 439p 441p 444p 500p
435p 450p 454p 456p 458p 506p 514p 517p 520p 520p 529p 536p 538p 540p 543p 557p
515p 530p 534p 536p 538p 546p 554p 557p 600p 600p 609p 616p 618p 620p 623p 637p
605p 618p 622p 624p 626p 634p 641p 643p 646p 646p 653p 700p 702p 704p 706p 718p
705p 718p 722p 724p 726p 734p 740p 742p 745p 745p 751p 758p 800p 802p 804p 816p
805p 816p 819p 821p 823p 831p 837p 839p 842p 842p 848p 855p 857p 859p 901p 913p
915p 925p 928p 930p 932p 940p 946p 948p 951p 951p 957p 1004p 1006p 1008p 1010p 1021p
SD - School Day Operation only; cancelled on school holidays
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.