ROUTE 41 KAPOLEI/ EWA BEACH     Effective 9/11/23
Destination Signs:  To Ewa Beach - 41 EWA BEACH TRANSIT CENTER Destination Sign:  To Kapolei - 41 KAPOLEI  TRANSIT CENTER
G J K L M N P Q b b N M L K J G
Kapolei  Kinoiki Kamaaha Kapolei Parkway Ft Barrette Geiger Ft Weaver Ft Weaver Ewa Ewa Geiger Ft Barrette Kapolei Parkway Kamaaha Kinoiki Kapolei
Transit Ctr Kamokuiki Kapolei Parkway Maluohai Roosevelt Launahele Papipi Kilaha Transit Ctr Transit Ctr Launahele Roosevelt Maluohai Kapolei Parkway Kamokuiki Transit Ctr
(#4633) (#4569) (#1794) (#1795) (#1796) (#1803) (#1805) (#1807) (#4202) (#4202) (#1772) (#1779) (#1780) (#1781) (#4569) (#4633)
500a 510a 511a 513a 515a 522a 526a 529a 531a 450a 455a 502a 503a 505a 507a 518a
610a 620a 622a 624a 626a 633a 637a 640a 642a 531a 539a 546a 547a 549a 551a 602a
720a 729a 732a 734a 736a 743a 748a 751a 753a 642a 650a 657a 658a 700a 702a 714a
805a 814a 817a 819a 821a 828a 834a 837a 839a 753a 803a 810a 811a 813a 815a 829a
905a 915a 918a 920a 922a 929a 935a 938a 940a 839a 847a 854a 855a 857a 859a 913a
1005a 1016a 1020a 1022a 1024a 1032a 1038a 1041a 1043a 940a 947a 954a 955a 1000a 1002a 1016a
1105a 1117a 1121a 1123a 1125a 1133a 1139a 1142a 1144a 1043a 1050a 1057a 1058a 1103a 1105a 1119a
1205p 1218p 1222p 1224p 1226p 1234p 1240p 1243p 1245p 1144a 1152a 1159a 1201p 1206p 1208p 1222p
105p 118p 121p 123p 125p 133p 139p 142p 145p 1245p 1252p 102p 104p 109p 111p 125p
205p 218p 221p 223p 225p 233p 239p 242p 245p 145p 152p 201p 203p 208p 210p 222p
305p 318p 321p 323p 325p 332p 338p 341p 344p 245p 256p 305p 307p 312p 314p 325p
335p 347p 349p 351p 352p 359p 405p 408p 411p 344p 353p 402p 404p 409p 411p 424p
405p 417p 419p 421p 422p 429p 435p 438p 441p 411p 420p 429p 431p 436p 438p 453p
435p 448p 452p 454p 456p 504p 510p 513p 516p 516p 525p 532p 534p 536p 538p 553p
515p 528p 532p 533p 535p 543p 549p 552p 555p 555p 604p 611p 612p 614p 616p 631p
605p 617p 620p 621p 623p 631p 637p 639p 642p 642p 649p 656p 657p 658p 700p 712p
705p 716p 719p 720p 722p 730p 736p 738p 741p 741p 747p 754p 755p 757p 759p 811p
805p 816p 818p 819p 821p 829p 835p 837p 840p 840p 846p 854p 856p 858p 901p 913p
915p 925p 927p 928p 930p 937p 942p 944p 947p 947p 952p 1000p 1002p 1003p 1005p 1015p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.