ROUTE 432 EAST - WEST  WAIPAHU      Effective 12/3/23
SATURDAY:  To West Waipahu SATURDAY:  To East Waipahu
Destination Signs:  To West Waipahu:  432 WEST WAIPAHU LEOKU ST      Destination Signs:  To East Waipahu:  432 EAST WAIPAHU PAIWA ST     
            To Waipahu Transit Center:  432 WAIPAHU TRANSIT CENTER                                To Waipahu Transit Center:  432 WAIPAHU TRANSIT CENTER
Paiwa Waipahu Waipahu Leoku Leoku Waipahu Waipahu Paiwa
Hiapo Transit Ctr Transit Ctr Farrington Farrington Transit Ctr Transit Ctr Hiapo
(#1327) (#4421) (#4421) (#1017) (#1017) (#4421) (#4421) (#1327)
444a 455a 500a 514a 441a 455a 500a 511a
511a 522a 530a 544a 514a 528a 530a 541a
541a 552a 600a 614a 544a 558a 600a 611a
611a 622a 630a 644a 614a 628a 630a 641a
641a 652a 700a 714a 644a 658a 700a 711a
711a 722a 730a 744a 714a 728a 730a 741a
741a 752a 800a 818a 744a 758a 800a 814a
814a 831a 845a 903a 818a 836a 845a 859a
859a 919a 930a 948a 903a 921a 930a 944a
944a 1004a 1015a 1033a 948a 1006a 1015a 1029a
1029a 1049a 1100a 1118a 1033a 1051a 1100a 1114a
1114a 1134a 1145a 1203p 1118a 1136a 1145a 1159a
1159a 1219p 1230p 1248p 1203p 1221p 1230p 1244p
1244p 104p 115p 133p 1248p 106p 115p 129p
129p 149p 200p 218p 133p 151p 200p 214p
214p 234p 245p 303p 218p 236p 245p 259p
259p 319p 330p 348p 303p 321p 330p 344p
344p 404p 415p 433p 348p 406p 415p 429p
429p 449p 500p 514p 433p 451p 500p 514p
514p 527p 530p 544p 514p 528p 530p 541p
541p 554p 600p 614p 544p 558p 600p 611p
611p 624p 630p 644p 614p 628p 630p 641p
641p 654p 700p 714p 644p 658p 700p 711p
711p 724p 730p 744p 714p 728p 730p 741p
741p 754p 800p 814p 744p 758p 800p 811p
811p 824p 830p 844p 814p 828p 830p 841p
911p 924p 930p 944p 844p 858p 900p 911p
1011p 1024p 1030p 1044p 944p 958p 1000p 1011p
1111p 1122p 1130p 1144p 1044p 1058p 1100p 1111p
1211a 1222a 1230a W1239a 1144p 1158p 1200a 1211a
121a 132a ..... ..... L101a 109a 110a 121a
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA L - Time leaving Leoku/Leoole
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers. W - Arrives Ends at West Loch Station 2 minutes later
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.