ROUTE 504 MILILANI SOUTH       Effective 12/3/23
SUNDAY: To Mililani South
Kamaio Kamehameha Hwy Mililani Mililani Kam Hwy Kamaio
Meheula Pkwy Kuahelani Ave Transit Ctr Arrive Transit Ctr Depart Kuahelani Meheula Pkwy
(#3407) (#3451) (#4419) (#4419) (#3394) (#3407)
..... ..... ..... 715a 722a 733a
733a 739a 746a 810a 817a 828a
828a 834a 841a 855a 902a 913a
913a 920a 928a 945a 952a 1003a
1003a 1010a 1018a 1035a 1042a 1053a
1053a 1100a 1108a 1125a 1132a 1143a
1143a 1150a 1158a 1215p 1222p 1234p
1234p 1241p 1249p 110p 117p 129p
129p 136p 144p 155p 202p 214p
214p 221p 229p 245p 252p 304p
304p 311p 319p 335p 343p 354p
354p 401p 409p 425p 433p 444p
444p 451p 459p 515p 523p 534p
534p 541p 549p 605p 612p 623p
623p 629p 637p 655p 702p 713p
713p 719p 726p 745p 752p 803p
803p 809p 816p 835p 842p 853p
853p 859p 906p 925p 932p 943p
Route 504 Destination Signs
Eastbound to Mililani Transit Center - 504 MILILANI TRANSIT CENTER
Westbound - To Mililani (Kuahelani) - 504 MILILANI VIA KUAHELANI
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.