ROUTE 504 MILILANI SOUTH Effective 5/30/21
WEEKDAY: To Mililani South
Kamaio Kamehameha Hwy Mililani Mililani Kam Hwy Kamaio
Meheula Pkwy Kuahelani Ave Transit Ctr Arrive Transit Ctr Depart Kuahelani Meheula Pkwy
(#3407) (#3451) (#4419) (#4419) (#3394) (#3407)
.. .. .. 521a 528a 539a
539a 547a 555a .. .. ..
.. .. .. 615a 622a 633a
633a 641a 651a .. .. ..
.. .. .. 653a 701a 714a
714a 722a 734a .. .. ..
.. .. .. 750a 759a 811a
811a 819a 831a 845a 854a 906a
906a 914a 926a 940a 949a 1001a
1001a 1009a 1021a 1030a 1039a 1051a
1051a 1059a 1111a 1120a 1129a 1141a
1141a 1149a 1201p 1210p 1219p 1231p
1231p 1239p 1251p 100p 109p 121p
121p 129p 141p 150p 159p 215p
215p 223p 235p 245p 254p 309p
309p 318p 329p 335p 344p 358p
358p 407p 418p 425p 434p 448p
448p 457p 508p 515p 525p 538p
538p 547p 558p 605p 615p 628p
628p 637p 648p 655p 705p 717p
717p 726p 737p 745p 754p 806p
806p 814p 824p 835p 844p 856p
856p 904p 912p 925p 933p 944p
944p 951p 959p ..... ..... .....
Route 504 Destination Signs
Eastbound to Mililani Transit Center - 504 MILILANI TRANSIT CENTER
Westbound - To Mililani (Kuahelani) - 504 MILILANI VIA KUAHELANI
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.