ROUTE 5 ALA MOANA - MANOA     Effective 10/5/20
SATURDAY/STATE HOLIDAY:  Eastbound to Manoa SATURDAY/STATE HOLIDAY: Westbound to Ala Moana Center
Eastbound Destination Sign:  5 MANOA Westbound Destination Sign:  5 ALA MOANA CENTER
N T U g g S P N
Ala Moana Ctr Kaheka King Manoa Manoa Beretania Keeaumoku Ala Moana Ctr
Kona/Keeaumoku Makaloa Punahou Kumuone Kumuone Kalakaua Kapiolani Kona/Keeaumoku
(#760) (#849) (#3239) (#3266) (#3266) (#38)  (#821) (#760)
..... ..... 536a 550a 550a 603a 607a 612a
612a 615a 618a 634a 635a 648a 652a 657a
657a 701a 704a 720a 725a 740a 745a 750a
750a 754a 757a 813a 818a 833a 838a 843a
843a 847a 850a 906a 913a 928a 933a 938a
938a 942a 945a 1001a 1008a 1023a 1028a 1033a
1033a 1037a 1040a 1056a 1103a 1118a 1123a 1128a
1128a 1132a 1135a 1151a 1158a 1213p 1218p 1223p
1223p 1227p 1230p 1246p 1253p 108p 113p 118p
118p 122p 125p 141p 148p 203p 208p 213p
213p 217p 220p 236p 243p 258p 303p 308p
308p 312p 315p 331p 338p 353p 358p 403p
403p 407p 410p 426p 433p 448p 453p 458p
458p 502p 505p 521p 528p 543p 548p 553p
553p 557p 600p 616p 623p 638p 643p 648p
648p 652p 655p 711p 718p 731p 735p 740p
740p 744p 747p 802p 808p 821p 825p 830p
830p 833p 836p 850p 858p 911p 915p 920p
920p 923p 926p 940p 940p 953p 957p 1002p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.