ROUTE 673 KAILUA - ENCHANTED LAKE     Effective 12/3/23
STATE HOLIDAY:  Kailua to Enchanted Lake to Kailua
Destination Signs:  To Keolu:  673 KEOLU HILLS     
     To Kailua:  673 KAILUA TOWN
Kailua Keolu Kailua Kailua
Hamakua Hele Oneawa Hamakua
(#1125) (#1259) (#1271) (#1125)
533a 545a 606a 611a
611a 623a 639a 644a
647a 659a 715a 720a
725a 737a 753a 758a
801a 813a 833a 838a
841a 853a 912a 917a
920a 932a 951a 956a
959a 1011a 1028a 1033a
1036a 1048a 1105a 1110a
1113a 1126a 1143a 1148a
1151a 1204p 1221p 1226p
1229p 1242p 1259p 104p
107p 120p 136p 141p
144p 157p 215p 220p
223p 237p 255p 300p
303p 317p 337p 342p
345p 359p 417p 422p
425p 439p 457p 502p
505p 519p 535p 540p
545p 559p 614p 619p
622p 634p 649p 654p
657p 709p 724p 729p
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
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Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.