ROUTE 7 - KALIHI VALLEY    Effective 12/3/23
SUNDAY:  Eastbound to Kalihi Uka SUNDAY: Westbound to Kalihi Valley Homes
Eastbound Destination Signs Westbound Destination Signs: 
To Kalihi Uka:  7 KALIHI UKA To Kalihi Valley Homes:  7 KAMEHAMEHA IV RD
To King/Kalihi or King/Mokauea:  7 KING ST or 7 SHUTTLE KALIHI UKA To King/Kalihi or King/Mokauea:  7 KING ST or 7 SHUTTLE KALIHI UKA
To Kalihi Bus Facility:  7 KALIHI TRANSIT CTR To Kalihi Bus Facility:  7 KALIHI TRANSIT CTR 
Kalihi Valley King Mokauea Nimitz Kalihi King Kalihi Kalihi Uka Kalihi Uka Kalihi King Nimitz Mokauea King Kalih Valley
Homes/Kalena Umi King Kalihi Dillingham Kalihi Nalanieha Kalihi/Iwaho Kalihi/Iwaho Nalanieha Kalihi Kalihi King Umi Homes/Kalena
(#4152) (#1025) (#3536) (#3542) (#3544) (#3546) (#3557) (#3567) (#3567) (#3574) (#3583) (#908) (#3591) (#1020) (#4152)
..... ..... ..... ..... 545a 547a 554a 559a 600a 604a 613a 617a 620a 622a 628a
630a 637a 639a 645a 646a 648a 655a 700a KA 630a 634a 643a 649a-Kalihi Transit Center ..... ..... .....
735a 742a 744a 750a 751a 753a 800a 805a 705a 709a 718a 722a 725a 727a 735a
840a 847a 849a 856a 857a 859a 907a 912a 805a 809a 818a 822a 825a 827a 835a
955a 1002a 1004a 1011a 1012a 1014a 1022a 1028a 920a 924a 933a 937a 940a 942a 950a
1110a 1117a 1119a 1126a 1127a 1129a 1137a 1143a 1035a 1039a 1048a 1052a 1055a 1057a 1106a
1225p 1233p 1235p 1243p 1244p 1246p 1254p 100p 1150a 1154a 1203p 1207p 1210p 1212p 1221p
136p 143p-Kalihi Transit Center ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... 105p 109p 118p 122p 125p 127p 136p
140p 148p 150p 158p 159p 201p 209p 215p 220p 224p 233p 237p 240p 242p 251p
255p 303p 305p 311p 312p 314p 323p 329p 335p 339p 348p 352p 355p 357p 407p
..... ..... ..... ..... 348p 350p 359p 405p 408p 412p 421p ..... 423p ..... .....
410p 418p 420p 426p 427p 429p 438p 444p 445p 449p 458p 501p 504p 506p 516p
..... ..... 434p ..... 437p 440p 449p 455p 555p 558p 606p 609p 612p 614p 624p
..... ..... 504p ..... 507p 510p 518p 524p 705p 708p 715p 717p 720p 722p 732p
520p 528p 530p 534p 536p 539p 547p 553p 808p 811p 818p 820p 823p 825p 834p
630p 638p 640p 644p 646p 649p 657p 703p 910p 913p 919p 921p 924p 926p 934p
735p 743p 744p 748p 750p 753p 801p 806p 1012p 1015p 1021p 1023p 1026p 1028p 1035p
838p 845p 846p 850p 852p 855p 903p 908p 1109p 1112p 1118p 1120p 1123p 1125p 1132p
940p 947p 948p 952p 954p 957p 1005p 1009p
1040p 1046p 1047p 1051p 1053p 1055p 1103p 1107p KA- Starts at Kalihi/Ahuahu 1 minute earlier
1135p 1142p-Kalihi Transit Center ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
NOTE - Numbers next to timepoints are HEA
(Honolulu Estimated Arrival) stop numbers.
Go to the HEA website at
Schedule to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.