ROUTE 84 MILILANI EXPRESS      Effective 8/21/22
A.M. STATE HOLIDAY:  To Downtown Honolulu
A.M. Destination Sign:  84 EXPRESS DOWNTOWN 
I K P M g i h
Leilehua GC  Waipio Lanikuhana Meheula Pkwy Vineyard Alapai Beretania
Rd/Kam Hwy Acres Kauakapuu Kuahelani Palama King Punchbowl
(#2776) (#1688) (#3409) (#1618) (#740) (#181) (#45)
455a 457a 504a 516a 537a 547a 549a
555a 558a 606a 621a 646a 657a 659a
ROUTE 84 MILILANI EXPRESS      Effective 8/21/22
P.M. STATE HOLIDAY:  To Mililani
P.M. Destination Sign:  84 EXPRESS MILILANI
i h g M Q M
Alapai Beretania Vineyard Meheula Pkwy Kamaio Meheula Pkwy
Transit Center Punchbowl Palama Kuahelani Polapola Kuahelani
(#2288) (#737) (#739) (#1608) (#3406) (#1618)
415p 419p 430p 505p 518p 524p
515p 519p 530p 605p 618p 624p
Schedule subject to change without notice.
All buses are lift and bicycle rack equipped.