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TheHandi-Van IVR is HERE!
TheHandi-Van Interactive Voice Response system known as IVR, is now available. Receive the latest automated services to enhance your Handi-Van experience.
To sign up contact Customer Service, Monday – Friday, 7:30 am –4 pm, excluding holidays, at 456-5555 press 3 at the prompt.


TheHandi-Van Service Disruption

TheHandi-Van Rider Satisfaction Survey

TheHandi-Van Rider Alerts

TheHandi-Van Rider Alerts

temporary detours, upcoming changes, roadwork, etc...

Estimated Van Arrival System and Customer Comment
 Estimated Van Arrival System  Customer Comment  Reasonable Modification Accommodation Request
RMA and Rider's Guide and eligibility
 Rider's Guide and eligibility  Title II Policy  Title VI Policy  Language Assistance Services