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TheHandi-Van IVR is HERE!
TheHandi-Van Interactive Voice Response system known as IVR, is now available. Receive the latest automated services to enhance your Handi-Van experience.
To sign up contact Customer Service, Monday – Friday, 7:30 am –4 pm, excluding holidays, at 456-5555 press 3 at the prompt.


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TheHandi-Van Rider Alerts

TheHandi-Van Rider Alerts

temporary detours, upcoming changes, roadwork, etc...

  • Aloha and welcome to the new TheHandi-Van web page. This page has been created to help us communicate the road conditions and rider alerts that may have an impact on your riding experience with us. One of our goals is to lessen your frustrations and enhance our service delivery by having multimodal communication options with the community we serve. We hope this site will be helpful to you. This web page will be linked to the Department of Transportation Services web site where you can find helpful links on TheHandi-Van eligibility and an electronic version of the TheHandi-Van Rider’s Guide. You can also link directly to the EVA program to check the status of your ride at any time. If you have any comments regarding this site please feel free to call our Customer Service line at 456-5555, extension 3.
  • TheHandi-Van Ticket Sales and Fare Increase, 4/20/2022
  • TheHandi-Van HOLO Card Transfers to Bus and Skyline
  • TheHandi-Van Expiring Tickets - June 2023
Estimated Van Arrival System and Customer Comment
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RMA and Rider's Guide and eligibility
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