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Five Hassle-Free Methods for Employers

TheBus has developed a variety of administrative plans that can help the employer participate in TheBus HONOLULU COMMUTER CHOICE PROGRAM with a minimum of work. We can design a plan specific to your needs. Here are some options: 

HONOLULU COMMUTER CHOICE Bus Pass Consignment - We provide the employer with a supply of bus passes estimated to meet their needs. They then distribute the passes through a system that is most convenient for their needs and return the unused passes to us along with a check for the passes used. The employer can pay 100% of the pass cost as a company fringe benefit, or they can allow employees to pay for the passes using pre-tax payroll deduction. You can also offer a combination of partial company paid and partial employee deduction or employee sale. 

BONUS! Checks -We sell the employer a supply of transit vouchers that can be distributed to the employees. Transit vouchers come in $5.00, $10.00 and $30.00 denominations. Employees can exchange the vouchers for bus passes or for TheHandi-Van tickets. At this time, BONUS! Checks are accepted by TheBus andThe Handi-Van. Since BONUS! Checks don't expire, there is no need to return unused checks. Some companies buy an estimated month's supply at a time, while others buy about three month's supply at one time. Companies with a good credit history will be invoiced after sale. Vouchers can be used for either employer-paid or pre-tax employee payroll deduction programs. 

Direct Purchase Program - The employer may elect to directly purchases bus passes for internal distribution from any of the over 100 bus pass outlets throughout Oahu . Such programs can be structured as either a company expense or through pre-tax employee payroll deduction. Companies need to know the exact number of bus passes required since refunds for unused bus passes are not allowed. 

Reimbursement - Employers may elect to reimburse employees for the cost of bus passes purchased. Employees must provide the employer proof of purchase. Employee reimbursements are legitimate employer expenses and are deductible to the employer. However, current tax rules do not allow reimbursement for bus passes to be treated as pre-tax income of the employee. 

For more information about these programs, contact
Customer Service at (808) 848-4500,
Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.

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