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Driving Cost Calculator

Do you drive to work every day? Spend hours in traffic? Search for a parking space and pay tons more for the privilege to park?

Find out the hard cost dollars and cents of what you spend per month and per year driving just to and from work. Remember this does not include weekend trips to the mall, the beach, or hanging out with your friends and family.

Compare the driving costs below, to the cost of a monthly bus pass, or better yet, a super economical yearly pass!

Add to the money you save, the amount of time you get back to plan your day, read the paper or that novel you keep promising yourself you would finish, or use the time just to catch up on your catnap.

Try this calculator out! You'll be surprised at the results.

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Driving Cost Result
(yearly driving cost minus $960 yearly adult pass) extra cash a year?  

This is just accounting for gas and parking. Can you imagine what the number would be with vehicle payments, insurance, repair and maintenance?

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